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Job Posting: CTU Organizer

The Chicago Teachers Union is looking to fill Organizer position(s). CTU Organizers play a key role in our fight to enforce our contract, strengthen and grow our union, and win good schools for all. The deadline for submission is November 21, 2019.

CTU members at Passages unanimously vote to accept tentative agreement

New contract cements protections for immigrant and special education students, raises wage floor and rights for educators to levels in CPS district-run schools. CHICAGO, Nov. 8, 2019—Chicago Teachers Union members at Passages charter school voted unanimously today to...

Falling school enrollment driven by push-out of working class Black and Latinx families

City Hall has power to reverse hostility to needs of ordinary residents—and must muster political will to support real equity and economic justice. CHICAGO, November 8, 2019—Chicago Teachers Union President Jesse Sharkey issued the following statement today in...
What we’ve accomplished and what comes next

What we’ve accomplished and what comes next

It’s important to note that most of the wins in our new tentative agreement — especially the substantial raise for PSRPs, the enforceable class size limits, and more than 750 new staffing positions — were not on the bargaining table on the day that we decided to go on strike.