CTU members may be owed back pay if they left CPS to work elsewhere before returning

If you worked in CPS then left for another district before returning to CPS, you may not have received the step credit for your work in other districts that the CTU thinks you deserve. The CTU is pursuing a class action grievance to benefit members who didn’t get their due step increase upon returning to CPS. This may be worth thousands of dollars to members who qualify!

Agreement Reached to Address June 7 and June 10 Flex Day Concerns

Last week we reached an agreement with CPS on an amendment to the MOU such that any school that chose to flex principal-directed time for June 10, 2024 will convert an equivalent amount of time to teacher-directed on June 7, 2024. Bargaining unit employees may choose either in-person or virtual participation for any such teacher-directed school improvement time.

Three types of accommodations

Under the recently ratified Framework for Resumption of In-Person Instruction, three types of accommodations are offered to members who qualify and an unpaid, job-protected leave is offered to any member concerned about returning to in-person instruction under the conditions of the agreement. See details here.