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CPS Schools Need Full Time Nurses and STLS Liaisons

CPS Schools Need Full Time Nurses and STLS Liaisons

This submission was made by a CPS counselor/case manager, working in a school that received students from the massive 2013 school closings. With the demands of a caseload of 150 students as well as my duty as the school counselor, my time in the school day is limited....

Chicago’s Mental Health Policies are Criminal

Chicagoans desperate for mental health services are deliberately committing petty crimes and getting arrested because the only place they can get the medication they need is in jail! That is the sad state of affairs for mental health in Chicago, as detailed in the...

Lead Still Poisoning Students

As A Just Chicago documents, health issues such as lead poisoning contribute to students’ problems in school. Not surprisingly, lead poisoning disproportionately impacts poor students. As the Chicago Tribune reports, Children ages 5 and younger continue to be harmed...