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For months, rank-and-file members have organized and agitated to get the attention of the mayor and CPS, and our message has been clear: we demand a safe and equitable return to school buildings based on an enforceable agreement that prioritizes safety, equity and trust.

Predictably, just like 2019, CPS has dragged its feet at the negotiating table, preferring to dictate terms rather than engage the professional expertise and personal commitment of the educators who actually make our public school communities work.

That’s why we’re asking for all members to vote yes on taking action with the entire union in every District school! E-ballots were issued by email Thursday to nearly 25,000 CTU members working at CPS for our vote on collective actions next week. Voting is open until 11:59 PM Saturday night, January 23.

We’re voting to work remotely until CPS negotiates an enforceable agreement on safety. We’re ready to keep working and bargaining, but if they lock us out or punish members for staying safe, then the mayor would effectively force us to strike. We hope the mayor doesn’t choose that path, but the more yes votes we gather, the more leverage we have at the bargaining table. Vote yes to take a stand for the most vulnerable among us, and to win safety, equity, and our five key bargaining demands.

Ballots are sent from the email address Ballot@ctuvotes.org and contain relevant information, along with your personalized voting link at the bottom. Links are individualized, each can only vote once, and voting is anonymous. Ballot@ctuvotes.org is an automated mailer. Please don’t reply to it.

If you believe you did not receive a ballot, please follow the advice and steps below.

  1. Look for the email in the right place:
  2. Are you checking the email address that CTU has on file? In most cases this will not be your CPS address. Check all your email addresses.

  3. Look for the right email:
  4. It didn’t come from the usual CTU email addresses. It should have come to you sometime on Thursday from Ballot@ctuvotes.org (“CTU Ballot Mailer”) with the subject line “Ballot for CTU Vote on Collective Action for Safety.” Do not reply or send an email to Ballot@ctuvotes.org, it is an outgoing mailer only.

  5. Look in the right folder:
  6. Check in the “Spam” or “Junk” folder in your email. An email from a new address, with a voting button to click, that went to thousands of people can easily get filtered out when your email system assumes that it was junk mail.

  7. Ask for help:
  8. If you still believe you have not received a ballot after trying the steps above, you can request a new ballot by emailing Vote@ctulocal1.org. In many instances, members who believed they had not received their ballot were able to locate it by trying these steps. CTU staff are filling ballot requests and email address corrections from members as fast as possible. Please note: Unnecessarily requesting new ballots due to the initial email sitting in your Spam folder or having checked the wrong email account may prevent another member from being issued a ballot in time to vote. Please look using the steps above then feel free to contact us for any support needed. Please only send one request to Vote@ctulocal1.org. Repeating your request will hurt response time for everyone, including you.