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Important update for tomorrow: Send a message the mayor can’t ignore

Yesterday, we presented the mayor with a comprehensive proposal that would allow us to begin teaching safely this week. We are still at the bargaining table, working hard to reach an agreement. If we are locked out again tomorrow, we will show the mayor just how determined we are to improve the safety of our schools.

CPS knows we are attempting to work and teach remotely and that we are available to do our duties. But, if locked out tomorrow, we will use our lunch and prep time to have car caravans convening across the city. We will converge on City Hall so the mayor and all of Chicago knows that our pursuit of safety continues. This is a crucial time for us to demonstrate our CTU power and solidarity, with an overwhelming show of unity that Mayor Lightfoot won’t be able to ignore.

We’ll gather with our colleagues, family, and community members in the morning and join one of the feeder caravans from across the city that will head to downtown.

Details for the day:

8 – 10 a.m.: Meet at your schools to “teach-out” together. Set up a table, reach out to parents, help families sign their students up for COVID testing in English or Spanish. Canvass the neighborhood using this flyer, encourage parents and community to join your caravan. Our families are with us.

Coordinate a time to meet: Meet at your schools (or at your neighborhood meet up location, full list in formation) for a lunch-time car caravan. Decorate your cars with these flyers or homemade signs. Depart from your community in time to arrive at 12 p.m. at City Hall.

Caravan meet up locations

Noon: Members converge our car caravans to meet at City Hall.

Our unity and resolve is working, but we must make a powerful show of force. As COVID rages through our communities, nothing is more important for our students, families and schools.

The mayor is the one holding educators, staff, children and their families hostage, denying them instruction with her ridiculous fixation on “no remote learning” — no matter what the science says, no matter what the cost to our students, health and schools. We must continue to fight back with the strength, unity and resolve we’ve demonstrated all year long.

Remember, when we stay unified and stand in solidarity, we win. Decorate your car or van, wear red, make some noise and be joyful in the fight for what is right.

See you tomorrow at City Hall!