With just days to go until the hotly contested Mayoral Election, our union brother and former middle school educator, Brandon Johnson, has the righteous wind at his back. Coming in a solid second place in all the most recent polls, Brandon’s campaign for mayor has taken on some real momentum thanks to the sweat equity put in by educators, healthcare professionals, city employees, and working folks throughout this city.

Together, we are on the verge of creating a new Chicago. A place where the unhoused can access affordable and sustainable housing, where our public schools can provide wraparound services because they receive adequate resources, and where our young people can play in a safe, welcoming and thriving community. 

A couple of months ago, our House of Delegates made a nearly unanimous decision to endorse Brandon and do everything in our power to ensure that we had an educator-in-chief running City Hall. With a vast majority of members recognizing the strategy of electing one of our own, a teacher, to the 5th floor of City Hall as a virtuous fight and a necessary step, CTU is all in for Brandon Johnson.

And now we have a solemn obligation to finish the job and push him over the edge in this Tuesday’s election. 

Achieving our desired outcome will take a lot of work. Whether it be attacks by billionaire-backed non-profits dead set on privatizing our schools, attempts by the media to create infighting amongst our membership, or a chaos-laden City Hall, we must continue our fight for a city and public schools that work for all — and not just a chosen few. 

It is time to complete the job and GO VOTE this Tuesday (or vote early!) for Brandon and other CTU-endorsed candidates. Beyond voting, we urge you to sign up for the many phone banks, canvasses, and house parties this weekend and to have those critical one-on-one conversations about our vision for Chicago with your neighbors, friends and fellow residents. 

Let’s Win This Thing!