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6:30 am pickets, 1:30pm at City Hall

At bargaining today, CPS handed our bargaining team its first written proposal on class size. Rank and file bargaining team members and CTU’s Chief of Staff Jennifer Johnson related the limited progress and the remaining issues discussed today to reporters this evening. You can watch the video on Facebook to hear the full update.

Outpouring of love for educators

Today, CTU and SEIU 73 members stood tall together. Our picket lines were vibrant. Our afternoon rally and march was inspiring. All day, messages of support poured in from around the city and the country. Parents, students and neighbors honked their horns or walked the lines with us. Local businesses opened their doors and even offered discounts to striking educators. Thank you to all of our allies for standing with us!

6:30 am pickets continue

Picketing will continue Friday at every district school in the city from 6:30 to 10:30 a.m. Our educators will be out there to answer questions, hear from neighbors, and build our solidarity.

Members without a single school assignment will continue to picket at CPS Headquarters (42 W. Madison), also from 6:30 to 10:30 a.m. If you work in the loop, head downtown a little early and come show our citywide educators some love.

City Hall rally at 1:30 pm

After our morning pickets, members and supporters will converge on City Hall (121 N. LaSalle) at 1:30 p.m. Like today’s inspiring rally, we’ll bring our Sea of Red to wash over Mayor Lightfoot’s office. We’ll let her know directly that she needs to put her promises in writing! Head downtown or take a late lunch if you work there. Bring a sign if you want and let’s show the mayor we won’t back down.

Strike Photo Share

If you haven’t yet seen the hundreds of photos that CTU members from all over the city have shared, go to ctulocal1.org/pics to see our CTU / SEIU Strike Google Photos Album and check it out!

Share your solidarity with us on social media

Follow us on social media, and send us a photo of yourself on a picket line, at a rally, or holding a solidarity sign wherever you happen to be. We love to see other schools, workplaces and unions pose for a solidarity photo! Use the hashtags #CTUSEIUstrike #FairContractNow and #PutItInWriting. Here’s how you can find us on social media:

Twitter: @CTULocal1



CTU Speaks! podcast

During the strike, CTU Speaks! co-hosts Andrea Parker and Jim Staros will continue to produce our podcast. This evening, they recorded with the great Ben Joravsky. That episode will air on both his podcast and our own. Watch for it in your podcast feed in the coming days. Subscribe to CTU Speaks! so you never miss an episode!

CTU Speaks!