The video below is an update on bargaining between CTU and CPS over the conditions of remote learning this fall.

In addition to the topics covered in the video, CTU asked CPS today about instances where we are hearing that members are being asked to report in-person to schools or outdoors for school orientations and open houses before the school year starts. CPS said they are not telling principals that staff can be required to report in-person to school or to outdoor orientations and open houses before school starts. CTU members can volunteer if they want and feel safe to participate in such an event, but there are clear work start dates for required work for the coming school year that are still in place and members cannot be required to come in-person for such events. If a member is being told they are required to report to such an event in-person ​and before the year even begins, please contact your Field Representative so we can ask CPS to correct your principal or administrator via our strategic bargaining process.