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I was hoping I wouldn’t have to write this column. I’d been hoping that, by today, we’d have seen some movement on the part of Chicago Public Schools (CPS) to address the fate of Dyett High School and the proposal to transition the school to an open enrollment Global Leadership and Green Technology Academy.

I was hoping that after 11 days of a hunger strike, CPS would have made extra effort to address the concerns of the 12 parents who have put their lives on the line in the name of preserving the last open-enrollment high school in the Bronzeville community. These 12 represent not just Bronzeville, but the thousands of parents in communities across the city who are frustrated with an education system that continually ignores their input, claiming “school choice” with one hand, yet removing it with the other.

We are now on Day 12 and the lack of response on the part of the administration is bordering on the absurd.

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The Dyett 12: (Row 1, L-R) Dr. Aisha Wade-Bey, Anna Jones, April Stogner, Cathy Dale; (Row 2, L-R) Irene Robinson, Jeanette Taylor-Ramann, Jitu Brown, Marc Kaplan; (Row 3, L-R) Dr. Monique Redeaux-Smith, Nelson Soza, Prudence Browne, the Rev. Robert Jones. Photos by Phil Cantor.