At the risk of sounding like a broken record, we had another frustrating bargaining session with CPS today. Though we are not at formal impasse, the pace of negotiations is painfully slow, and with the first day of school bearing down on all of us, the mayor’s CPS team is not providing robust plans or proposals that we can sign off on.

For example, the mayor’s team is proposing a social distancing standard of “three feet where possible.” But with all students and staff in school every day, with the delta variant ravaging whole communities, and with low vaccination rates in CPS, leaving “when possible” as a means to wriggle out of even this baseline standard is too squishy.

Another issue that remains unresolved is making sure that clinicians have access to adequate space and privacy to ensure that they can maintain confidentiality while also providing required services. While we’ve had discussions about these issues, we have yet to receive written proposals from CPS that we can agree to.

Stay tuned for more updates. There will be another bargaining session tomorrow.

More useful resources

  • Grid of most recent bargaining positions
  • In strategic bargaining today, CPS said that the email that CTU substitutes received from Substitute Services was simply a means to gauge how many substitutes would be available to take in-person assignments at the beginning of the year, and that no day-to-day substitute would be terminated or forced to resign based on their response. We have asked them to send out another email clarifying that in writing. If we receive something first, we will pass it on. If you are aware of non-CTU members, who are paid lower wages, doing the work of PSRPs, please report it using this form.
  • For a summary of outstanding issues at the bargaining table as well as an assessment of the larger context we find ourselves in, check out this leaflet, share the link, and print out to share with parents.
  • Make your voice heard by signing this petition, which allows you to highlight the priorities you think the mayor’s CPS team should use the $4 billion in federal recovery funds for.
  • Come to CTU HQ on Friday from 2 – 6 pm for a tailgate event for all CTU members and families. Free food, family fun, games, free vaccine, and prizes! RSVP here.
  • Save the date! On Sunday, August 22, at 6 pm, the CTU will be holding a TeleTown Hall for all members. You will receive a call at that time.

In safety and solidarity,
Jesse Sharkey
CTU President