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Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) and Service Employees International Union (SEIU) Local 73 NEED YOUR CREATIVE ART-DESIGN SUPPORT!

A couple dozen people paint and print protest banners and signs together.

CTU and SEIU 73 are holding a community Art Build for public education in early October: Friday, October 4, 5:00pm-10:00pm; Saturday, October 5, 10:00am-10:00pm; and Sunday, October 6, 10:00am-7:00pm at CTU (1901 W Carroll Ave). The Art Build is modeled after the recent public education/Red for Ed art builds in Los Angeles (UTLA) and Oakland (OEA). See examples of past art builds at artbuildworkers.com/past-builds/.

Promotional Flyer

RSVP to Join the Fun

Choose a date at the top to access the RSVP form. Attend one session or more — for the full session or just a part. Art skills optional!

Types of banners / art we’ll make

Banners, Parachute banners, screen-printed picket signs or screen-printed “patches”.


(15 plus different designs)
Designs will be projected onto off-white muslin fabric during the art build and painted with semi-gloss exterior house paint. Please be aware that the text (the slogan) will need to read from a distance. Multiple copies of certain designs will be painted.


Banner Example

Banner Example

Parachute Banners

(4 different designs)
Design a circular image design that will be projected onto a 24’ wide white nylon “play parachute” with handles. The image will be traced and then painted with studio acrylic paint during the art build.


Example Parachute Banner

Screen printed picket signs

(4-5 different designs)
Design vertical images (around 19”x25”) that can silkscreened onto off-white muslin fabric and constructed into picket signs. The silkscreen ink can be any color and some areas of the design can be hand painted during the art build but primarily think of a bold design that relies on one-color. Note too that text should be readable from a distance. The selected images will be turned into silkscreens so make sure that your design is at a high resolution (300dpi). The Art Build committee will expose the screens. A design from this series can also be adapted into a potential t-shirt.


Example screen-printed picket sign

Example screen-printed picket sign

Screenprinted patches

(4 different designs)
One-color designs
Four different designs that are screen printed on muslin fabric. These designs can be attached with safety pins to the back of sweatshirt, jacket, or backpack. They can be worn in marches, etc. The design scale is around 8.5” x 11”. Artists do not have to design for patches. The designs for the patches can be chosen from the picket sign designs, banner graphics, etc.