Are you interested in how school policy is made and imposed on schools and would like to examine how that process can work differently? Would you like to engage in a professional development experience that goes beyond what is typically offered and get more involved in CTU through policy advocacy?

If so, the CTU Policy Fellowship is the program for you!

Apply Today!

Led by CTU members and supported by our national union, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT), the CTU Policy Fellowship provides members an opportunity to expand advocacy and leadership skills, meet with researchers and decision-makers in Chicago and Illinois, and support the vital work of the CTU.

We are looking for a small, diverse, and representative group of CTU members. PSRPs, social workers, school nurses, school psychologists, early childhood teachers, tech coordinators, substitute teachers and ACTS division members are strongly encouraged to apply.

By being a part of the CTU Policy Fellowship you will:

  • Develop a bigger toolbox of research, communication, and engagement skills.
  • Collaborate with fellow members.
  • Create alternatives to current education policies in your school and CPS.
  • Engage with union leaders, elected officials, and policymakers to influence their understanding of education and educators.
  • Assert and expand educators’ expertise, authority and leadership in critically examining education policy.


CTU Policy Fellows are required to:

  • Attend eight Saturday meetings, one per month, October through May.
  • Meet individually with facilitators three times throughout the program and with cohorts as needed.
  • Research, present, and advocate a topic of your choice.
  • Be an active member of at least one CTU committee:
  • If you are not an active committee member you can apply at the first meeting.


Fellows receive a $1,500 stipend, payable upon completion of the program, CEUs toward licensure (potentially) and additional leadership opportunities in CTU.

Application Form Deadline: Friday, Sept. 16, 2022

If you have further questions, please email