Thank you, Chicago.

Once again, the voters of Chicago underscore the values and priorities that we as a community aspire to for our students and their families. With the election of 20th District State Senator Graciela Guzman and Commissioner Tara Stamps, two more CTU organizers and educators are on their way to holding elected office. Wins such as these bring this city one step closer to fulfilling its promise for every student, family and community member.

CTU-endorsed candidates up and down the ballot, from State Supreme Court to State Representative to countywide office won elections Tuesday. These wins will ensure the voices and lived experiences of students, working families and everyday folks are centered.

Our movement is built on organizing. With these election results, Chicago said we have to knock more doors for the schools and city our students deserve. The work of transformation is built on collective power at the ballot box, bargaining table, on picket lines, and on the doors. As a movement of educators who work with over 323,000 students, 20,000 of whom experience homelessness, we know our students deserve more. They deserve well-resourced classrooms, thriving educational communities and safe places to call home. That’s why we will continue to bargain, organize, and fight for their humanity.

We want to recognize the courage and leadership behind the Bring Chicago Home campaign, a broad-based community coalition of faith leaders, community organizations, union members, and service agencies. While we wait for the results from the ballot referendum to come in, one thing remains clear: our fight for affordable housing, our students and their families continue. We are also awaiting the results of the State’s Attorney race with CTU-endorsed candidate Clayton Harris III.

Chicago, you are the greatest city on earth and our work to make this place thriving for all will continue until every ZIP code resembles our wealthiest and every community has what it needs to be safe, welcoming and thriving.