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11/23/22 holiday message to rank and file CTU members from officers:

Dear CTU family,

As the Thanksgiving holiday nears, we write to thank you for your humanity, hard work and tireless commitment to our students this school year. We hope that this holiday break gives you the opportunity to rest and fellowship with people who give you love and support.

As we celebrate this week, we also remember that our brother Brandon Johnson helped lead the coalition fighting for the recognition of Indigenous Peoples Day in Cook County — a move that Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot continues to resist. As educators committed to truth and justice, we instead celebrate and support teaching truth and recognizing history as told by the people most impacted by racism and colonization.

We also celebrate our work as a union, grounded in our urgent responsibility to our members, our students and our communities. We live in a time of both great challenge and great opportunity. We know that together, in solidarity, we have the unity and commitment to weather the challenges we face — together — in support of our work, our students and our school communities.

With love, solidarity and appreciation always,

Stacy Davis Gates, President
Jackson Potter, Vice President
Christel Williams Hayes, Recording Secretary
Maria Moreno, Financial Secretary