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Last week, eleven out of seventeen classrooms at Jensen Elementary were in quarantine. Elected officials joined parents, students and rank and file CTU members at Jensen last Wednesday to demand safety improvements that the mayor’s CPS team continues to ignore.

Today, we are in mourning with the Jensen school community, with COVID claiming the life one 47-year-old school mother last Thursday, and a second 32-year-old mother on Friday. Both mothers had children sent home from quarantined classrooms. One mother complained bitterly on social media that she was never contacted by a contact tracer. Within a week she was dead.

Last school year, under our safety agreement, members of the school community were tested weekly. This year, Tuesday will be the first day that COVID testing will be offered at the school.

This is a tragedy.

The Jensen Local School Council is holding an after-school Speak-Out for Safety at the school at 4:00 p.m. on Tuesday, September 28. Parents will be joined by our rank and file school members, who wore black to school today and laid out roses to honor their lost mothers. We are asking for you to support this school community. Join us if you can. Donate to the GoFundMe for Shenitha Curry’s funeral; we’ll share info for our other mother as soon as it becomes available. And stay tuned for news about our ongoing battle for a safety agreement with the teeth to protect our ourselves, our students, our families and our school communities

Jensen LSC Safety Speak-Out

4:00 p.m., Tuesday, September 28

Jensen Elementary | 3030 W. Harrison St.