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The following is a list of demands in the current fight for the next contract. 

We Want:
A Fair Contract Our Teachers & Paraprofessionals Deserve
• Adequate staffing in all areas including art, music, physical education; nurses, librarians, and counselors!
• Smaller class sizes! 
• Resources for our students and our schools!
• Don’t cut our wages:  A fair raise next year!
• Hold the line on benefits: Protect our health care and pensions!
• Dignity for our veteran members—hire qualified tenured teachers before new employees!
The Board Wants:
Draconian Policies & Benefits Cuts
• A five-year contract with only a 2% raise 
• No more raises unless we agree to testingbased Merit pay 
• A longer school day and year, but a DECREASE in prep time and professional development  and no additional resources
• An End to Accumulated Sick Days 
• Increased health care costs 
• No job security—tenured teachers who are laid off from closing schools get no rehire rights and arbitrary evaluation systems, which makes it easier to fire even the best of teachers.