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A message of thanks to our rank and file

11/23/22 holiday message to rank and file CTU members from officers: Dear CTU family, As the Thanksgiving holiday nears, we write to thank you for your humanity, hard work and tireless commitment to our students this school year. We hope that this holiday break gives...

New podcast episode! Rating REACH

Teacher evaluations could be a valuable part of helping educators get better at their craft. But that’s not how they work at Mayor Lightfoot’s CPS. Instead, they chiefly reflect whether a given school gets the resources it needs — or not. That’s why a great teacher...

Pushing back against inappropriate REACH PTs before Dec. 2 deadline

As many know, the deadline for REACH PTs is December 2. As many ALSO know, this year’s performance tasks have drawn complaints from across the district for being wildly developmentally inappropriate, entirely too late, and generally doing what so many of these testing...

Honor a Substitute In Your Building

Every other month, the CTU honors two substitutes doing the essential work to keep schools running in the face of staffing shortages and teacher absences. The next round of awards will be issued at the December 7 House of Delegates, so submit a nomination today!

Pushing back against REACH Performance Tasks

The exchange between rank and file CTU bilingual kindergarten teacher Neysa Rivera and CPS on CPS’ appallingly inappropriate 2022-23 Kindergarten Literacy REACH Performance Task, which some teachers have reported is so difficult and inappropriate it’s made...
Solidarity with Cook County nurse under attack for supporting Workers Rights Amendment

Solidarity with Cook County nurse under attack for supporting Workers Rights Amendment

Falguni Dave, a critical care RN and union activist for her involvement in the campaign to pass the Illinois Workers Rights amendment. Off the clock Falguni took a picture which was used for postcards and a Facebook post promoting the Illinois workers rights amendment. Hospital management is accusing her now of violating the hospital’s social media policy.

How I spent election day

How I spent election day

Paula Ladin was one of hundreds of rank and file CTU members and allies volunteering on Election Day. In this post, she shares her experience and encourages other members to volunteer because it’s “an antidote to feeling helpless or hopeless.”

Solidarity with the Starbucks Strikers!

Starbucks baristas from across the U.S. are holding a one-day strike on Thursday, November 17, and they’re asking for solidarity from trade unionists everywhere.

Report card pickup for educators who are parents or guardians

Are you a parent or guardian of a student? Do you have a conflict on report card day when you are expected to be at your school and also at your child/children’s school/s? If so, reach out to your principal to inform them that you will need some time to go to your child/children’s school or to hold a remote conference with your child’s teacher/teachers.

We celebrate our PSRPs, the beloved backbone of our schools

We celebrate our PSRPs, the beloved backbone of our schools

Tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 16 is PSRP Appreciation Day across the state of Illinois! Since 2006, PSRP Appreciation Day has been set aside to recognize the school clerks, teacher and library assistants, technology coordinators, hearing and vision screeners, parent advocates, ESL interpreters and many more who make our schools run.

Care room attendants, COVID safety next steps

We’ve gotten news from CPS that 80% of all of our schools have elected to maintain their care room attendants, which are provided centrally by the district through an outside vendor. These positions were established by CTU and SEIU in our safety agreements to ensure...

The Grievance Department is hiring a field representative!

This position serves the entire Chicago Teachers Union membership to help members address contract violations. The duties include, but are not limited to, addressing and investigating member concerns, counseling members on how to resolve grievances, providing support at grievance, arbitration, disciplinary, DCFS and investigatory hearings; and helping members to organize and fight against abusive principals, policies and practices.