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Thankful for the strength and wisdom of solidarity

A Thanksgiving message from CTU President Jesse Sharkey to rank and file CTU and CTU-ACTS members: The holidays are typically a time for reflection and a time to express our thanks and contemplate our vision for the new year. I’m feeling especially thankful this year... read more

Oct. 7 bargaining update: More of the same from mayor, CPS

Given what we heard at the bargaining table yesterday — more of the same lies, dishonesty and, if you can believe it, more lack of concern for our members and our school communities — we believe united, city-wide action by our members is the only thing that will force her to relent.

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City Council must step in for school safety

Mayor Lightfoot has turned the question of our children’s safety into a grudge match with the Chicago Teachers Union. Her hand-picked school board and appointed CEO rely on mayoral favor for their positions. As the independently elected representatives from all 50 wards, alderpersons must step in. Our school communities are counting on you to stand with us for school safety and serve as a check on this reckless mayor’s power.

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4PM Tuesday: Jensen Elementary LSC Speak-Out for Safety

Last week, eleven out of seventeen classrooms at Jensen Elementary were in quarantine. Elected officials joined parents, students and rank and file CTU members at Jensen last Wednesday to demand safety improvements that the mayor's CPS team continues to ignore. Today,...

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Speak Out for Safety!

Join us today at 5 p.m. for our citywide Speakout for Safety, and learn from educators, families and students what’s really taking place in our schools and in negotiations with the district. These voices deserve to be heard right now.

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Administrative Transfer Window

Teachers will be able to transfer schools for Spring 2022 without principal permission from Monday, November 15, 2021 to Thursday, December 30, 2021.

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