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Apply to Mentor: The We Care Coaching and Mentoring Program

Many teachers and clinicians hired during 2020 or 2021 did not have the chance to complete their clinical training and/or experience teaching under normal circumstances because of the COVID-19 health pandemic. To support these new educators, we are hiring Virtual Instruction Coaches.

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Survey for moms pregnant and/or nursing in the past 3 yrs

The CTU Women’s Rights Committee wants to increase the support for working, nursing mothers going forward. In order to keep up the pressure on CPS some information is needed. If you have had a baby in the past 3 years and/or if you are pregnant now, please take the time to answer these 15 questions.

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On the commemoration of Juneteenth

The best way to honor those who built this nation for free, in bondage, is to fight forward for a society that is based on equity, justice and fairness for all, no matter their ZIP code, color, creed or citizenship status.

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CPS: Release the sports funds!

Sign the petition! Sports are essential for mental and physical growth, and with the influx of funding into our district, the athletic programs in our schools cannot look like they did pre-COVID. We are emerging from a pandemic and children will have to continue adjusting to a “new” normal. CPS and the mayor should be giving our students more, not less.

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Was this really a lost year? 

Testing companies, along with education administrators and politicians who have drunk the testing Kool-Aid, can’t stop talking about the “learning loss” of students this past year. CTU Education Policy Analyst Carol Caref deconstructs the madness.

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Shame on you, CPS

PSRP Judy Mahoney is exactly the kind of employee CPS should value. She served as the school clerk at Whittier Elementary in Pilsen for 23 years until a drunk driver changed the course of her life one night. Now, four years later, CPS has slashed Judy’s position at the school and, had our Union not fought back, she would have been out of job at the end of June.

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General CTU Announcement

Illinois is now “right to work for less.” Beat the anti-union attack. Join CTU!

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COVID19 Info & Action

Learn more about how CTU is working with Chicago Public Schools to make sure our schools are safe and secure. Learn more and take action to demand emergency response from CPS and the mayor.

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