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Key issues raised at January 11 House of Delegates meeting

Last night, the House of Delegates held its first meeting of the new year, and delegates dug into a number of important issues that we want to summarize for members. For more details, please talk to your delegate and ask when the next union meeting in your building will take place. If you’re a delegate and need help setting up a meeting, please reach out to your Field Rep or organizer.

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New poll shows Brandon is winning! Plus: MLK Day Rally and Day of Action on 1/16/23

Chicago media outlets are this morning reporting on a new independent poll that shows CTU-endorsed candidate Brandon Johnson tied for first place with Chuy Garcia, while Lori Lightfoot gets less than half the support of either of the front runners. These new poll numbers reflect the CTU’s effectiveness in advancing Brandon’s campaign working in collaboration with United Working Families, broader communities, and of course the grassroots efforts of hundreds and hundreds of CTU members. We can do this!

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Petition to Mayor: Equalize CPS Parental Leave with City Workers

On November 15, CPS officials told the CTU that CPS would recommend that the Board of Education vote to approve a new parental leave policy modeled on a similar policy available to city employees, starting on January 1st, 2023. The policy enables city workers to take up to 12 weeks of paid parental leave. In December, CPS further committed to the CTU that they were working to nail down details about the policy. Then, suddenly, in late December, the Department of Labor Relations reversed CPS’ position.

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