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Say NO to more standardized testing!

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is considering changes to the state assessment system. Despite ISBE’s intent to make positive changes to assessment, the proposed changes would expand testing. They’re taking input from educators now. Make your voice heard!

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Correcting the misleading Lightfoot/CPS robocall

Chicago Public Schools is toying with parents, students and the entire city by sowing misinformation about the status of negotiations.    This afternoon, CPS sent a robocall to parents and educators saying that the CTU’s House of Delegates might vote at its 6 p.m....

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Bargaining Update: Picket lines Monday morning, SEIU TA, Janice Jackson showed up

Our bargaining team left negotiations at 9:30pm tonight with the same deal on the table as when they left at midnight last night. That deal we proposed would settle this contract at a cost of only $38 million more per year. This lack of movement is despite the fact that CEO Janice Jackson showed up to negotiations for the first time. We had hoped that was a positive sign, but it changed nothing for us at the table.

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Bargaining Update: Del Valle endorses CTU special ed demands, $38 million separates proposals, Rev. Barber on Sunday

The day started with a Union Park rally and Board of Education President Miguel del Valle pledging support for our special education demands. Our team bargained until about midnight with the Board and announced that our contract demands would cost less than half of one percent of the Board’s budget to settle. Tomorrow, Rev. Dr. William Barber stands with CTU and SEIU 73 and we’ll hold a TeleTown Hall with members Sunday night.

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The Schools Chicago’s Students Deserve 2.0

This 2018 update to CTU’s 2012 report provides a counter-narrative to the corporate agenda on education and highlights the role of CTU’s campaigns, including for contracts, in fighting it.

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