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Extreme Heat Watch Member Update

As the first week of school and this Extreme Heat Watch comes to an end, it is clear that our work to create more green schools and the development of a 10-year facilities master plan that will center our students, their families and sound environmental values is both necessary.

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Extreme heat update

As we all grapple with the impacts of the current climate catastrophe, here is a quick update about where we are on ensuring that we keep our classrooms and school buildings safe and thriving.

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It’s critical to stay safe in the heat

Welcome back to another school year, and congratulations on a great first day. As we begin to settle in for another year, we have all been gripped by the impacts of the Extreme Heat Watch issued by the National Weather Service. For some of us, extreme heat has resulted in limited outdoor times for our students, and for others the extreme heat in our classrooms and hallways have exposed the vulnerability of our school buildings, many of which were built decades ago without air conditioning or accommodations for a warming plant.

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Beginning-of-Year Special Education Checklist

We’ve pulled together some of the most important special ed contract articles that are especially important for our special education members to be aware of at the beginning of the year. Remember, our contract won important protections for you, but they are meaningless without enforcement.

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Welcome to a new school year: the year we turn power into progress.

In movements like ours, we often forget to take time to celebrate and acknowledge our victories. Because of our solidarity, this year we have an opportunity to take the political power we won at the ballot box and in the state legislature and convert it into power in our school buildings. That is our challenge in the coming year.

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Say NO to Arts Cuts and Schedule Changes at ChiArts

Concerned about ChiArts’ proposal to cut back on arts instruction at the school and ram through major changes to students’ school day without support from parents, teachers or students? Concerned about attempts to wall off funding at the “ChiArts Foundation” — money that was raised to support our schools? Sign this petition.

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Apply for the CTU Policy Fellowship by Sept. 18

Are you interested in how school policy is made and imposed on schools? Want to examine how that process can work differently? Would you like to engage in a professional development experience that goes beyond what is typically offered and get more involved in CTU? Then the CTU Policy Fellowship is for you.

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CTU Speaks! Podcast

Our podcast, CTU Speaks! is hosted by Andrea Parker and Jim Staros. We’ll chat about our union, enforcing our contract, and our fight for the schools our students and educators deserve.

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