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Latest News

Winter Vacation Pay for New Hires

CTU members hired by CPS this year received only three days winter vacation pay, instead of their normal four days pay, due to the 11 days of work lost by this year’s strike.

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Erroneous notice from CPS RE: uncashed checks

Members might have received a letter from Chicago Public Schools alerting them of one or more uncashed checks that were issued to you (sample notice below). We have reached out to CPS to inquire whether these notices should have been sent and requesting additional...

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Delegates & School Leaders Training

Saturday, January 18

CTU schools—both district-run and charter—have new contracts. Every one of us must organize to make the most of them. Delegates, picket captains, PPC members, PPLC and LSC representatives are all strongly encouraged to come together at this school leaders training.

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