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CTU members speak out

CTU members from across the city spoke out powerfully at July’s CPS budget hearings, explaining the resources our schools need. Laid off members Jude Abangan, Michelle Ludwig, and Kizzy Evans explained the vital services they provide to students, supports that... read more

We need a fair budget for all

I am an incoming second-year bilingual special education teacher deeply affected by recent decisions impacting educators and our students at Roosevelt High School. These cuts, which include my own position, are concerning because over half of our students are English...

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Contract Update #13: No More Waiting

CTU Members at our press conference outside Governor Pritzker’s office leading up to the CPS Budget Hearing this week. We can’t wait any longer. CPS must do better, both in its proposed 2025 budget and in our contract negotiations. State and federal lawmakers must...

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Rest in Power, U.S. Rep. Sheila Jackson Lee

Our movement lost a fearless champion for working families, students, women and the civil rights community with the passing of U.S. Rep. Shelia Jackson Lee this weekend. Lee blazed a trail for so many of us to follow. Her vision and spirit will be sorely missed.

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Member Bulletin, July 18, 2024

News and Notes With no revenue vision from CPS, CTU tells Pritzker to "be a hero" for our schools This week, rank-and-file CTU members came out in force to demand both CPS and Gov. JB Pritzker do right by our students and provide the full funding our schools need and...

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We’re hiring: Organizer

The Chicago Teachers Union is looking to fill an Organizer position. CTU Organizers play a key role in our fight to enforce our contract, strengthen and grow our union, and win good schools for all. The roles and responsibilities of a CTU Organizer include, but are...

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CTU Responds to CPS Budget Proposal

In response to the short-sighted and incomplete budget proposal released by the CPS CEO, Chicago Teachers Union Vice President Jackson Potter stated the following: “CPS CEO Martinez’s proposal is not a budget, it’s an act of make-believe. It’s the product of a man...

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Member Bulletin, July 11, 2024

News and Notes CPS' shortsighted, irresponsible budget jeopardizes gains we have won For decades, Chicago’s educators have been fighting to create the schools our city’s children deserve. This fight has won more clinicians, social workers, educators, special education...

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In Memoriam, June 2024

Lists of deceased members of the Chicago Teachers Union (CTU) are provided to the union by the office of the Chicago Teachers Pension Fund (CTPF) and are listed using the information received. If you notice an error or omission, please first contact the CTPF at 312.641.4464 or via email at to report the information. Please contact the CTU Membership Dept. as well by phoning 312.329.9100. Both the CTPF and CTU disburse survivor benefits to a member’s designated beneficiaries.

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Contract Update #10: Setting A New Standard Through Our Contract

We are at the bargaining table with a plan to transform our school district, with bold proposals that will create the schools Chicago’s children deserve. Though we have a willing partner who shares our vision and our values in City Hall, these contract negotiations won’t be easy.   We still have to grapple with a stubborn bureaucracy, inadequate state funding, and wealthy corporations funding Trump and the Illinois Policy Institute in order to pay fewer taxes and defund public education. Easy or not, we will set a new standard for public schools in Chicago.

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Layoff Rights

Despite inadequate staffing and large class sizes, CPS continues to disrespect educators with layoffs that hurt our members, our students and our schools. Thanks to our contract, CPS is required to follow some rules when they make these layoffs and laid off teachers have rights.

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