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Latest News

CTU remembers the Rev. Dr. Clay Evans

Our union sends condolences to the Rev. Dr. Clay Evans’ friends and family, as well as to the clergymen and clergywomen he has influenced. Our lives are greater because of his work.

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Say NO to more standardized testing!

The Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) is considering changes to the state assessment system. Despite ISBE’s intent to make positive changes to assessment, the proposed changes would expand testing. They’re taking input from educators now. Make your voice heard!

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CTU 9 Benefit Show at The Hideout!

Saturday, Nov. 23: At the height of the CTU’s 11-day strike, nine CTU members raised the stakes by confronting Sterling Bay—the well-connected development firm reaping hefty profits from the City’s $1.3 billion Lincoln Yards TIF giveaway. After spending several hours in jail, these brave unionists now face charges. Come enjoy a show and support their court costs.

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2019-24 Contract Ratification Vote Totals

The tentative agreement reached on October 31 between the Board of Education and the Chicago Teachers Union was ratified by the entire membership in a vote of 80.75% in favor and 19.25% against. View raw totals and school-by-school breakdown of the vote here.

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#PSRPpower: Celebrate our PSRPs!

Schools can’t function properly without PSRPs, yet despite all they do, we too often forget to tell them “Thank You.” So let’s tell them today, thank you!

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CTU committees are a great way for any member to make a difference. Join one now!

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