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We need recovery now, not more budget cuts!

Mayor Lightfoot wants to cut tens of millions of dollars from our schools, while at the same time, is sitting on hundreds of millions of dollars in unspent federal recovery funds. On Friday, May 13, we sent the mayor and her Chicago Public Schools team a clear...

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It takes a village to raise a good teacher

Teaching is hard, especially in the first few years. New teachers need guidance and support — not many can make it through on their own. It takes a village to raise a good teacher and the We Care early educator mentoring program is that village.

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COVID spiking again – and we still have safety rights

A message to rank and file members from CTU Chief of Staff Jen Johnson with safety links and toolkits as COVID surges again in Chicago: These last two years have been exhausting, but as good as it’s felt to see some glimpses of “normal” return to our lives, COVID-19...

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FAQ: Paid COVID Administrative Leave

HB 1167, the bill to create paid COVID administrative leave for educators, became law with Governor JB Pritzker’s signature on April 5, 2022. This ‘frequently asked questions’ document is designed to help determine who is eligible, for what reasons, and how to benefit...

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Making up lost instructional days

Dear CTU family: As you may know, we’ve been pressing CPS for months about their promised – but not yet delivered – opportunity to make up for lost instructional days during the mayor’s January lockout. The board of education did not add extra days to the calendar,...

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ACT NOW to defend and protect our technology coordinators

Technology coordinators shined during remote learning. In fact, our schools would not have survived the pandemic without them. But now CPS is considering outsourcing these jobs — and we know what that means. Our union is committed to defending and protecting our tech...

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Save Our Technology Coordinators!

Our technology coordinators are under attack, when our students and schools need them now more than ever. Tell CEO Martinez and Board President del Valle to protect our tech cos and ensure that every school has a technology coordinator.

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PSRP Corner: Defending our Tech Cos

Technology Coordinators — tech cos — have always provided essential services to our school communities, but during the pandemic their roles were even more essential. But CPS is considering outsourcing these vital positions, prompting our union to fight back.

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