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UIC, give your graduate workers a fair contract

For more than a year, management has rejected living wages or fee waivers for its most critical frontline workers, the highly skilled teaching assistants and graduate assistants who anchor UIC’s mission. CHICAGO, March 19, 2019—CTU President Jesse Sharkey issued the...

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CTU bargaining update

CTU President Jesse Sharkey with a bargaining update for our rank-and-file members, and an overview of Union goals, campaigns and priorities as we move toward spring.

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We stand with striking musicians

Any attack on the right to a retirement with dignity is wrong – whether it’s at a school like ChiArts, which is training the next generation of artists or a world class institution like the CSO, where our students aspire to perform one day, says CTU.   CHICAGO, March...

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The Schools Chicago’s Students Deserve 2.0

This 2018 update to CTU’s 2012 report provides a counter-narrative to the corporate agenda on education and highlights the role of CTU’s campaigns, including for contracts, in fighting it.

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