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Local School Councils

Without the benefit of an elected school board, Chicago’s Local School Councils races are the closest city residents get to democracy in education. At the most localized of scales, they are also the best opportunity to connect directly with the constituents represented. That includes teachers, students, parents and community members.

Tired of over-crowded classrooms, school closings & charter expansion?

Too much testing and not enough services?

Should all students have art, music and world languages?

Do you believe all children should have access to preschool?

Do parents, teachers and communities need more voice in CPS?

Concerned about discipline policies that stigmatize our youth?

Learn how to work as an effective Local School Council and help your school flourish!

CTU has certified Local School Council trainers to help strengthen your LSC! We will provide interactive trainings covering important issues in school governance, budgeting and principal evaluation — all designed to help LSC members become strong leaders at their schools. All LSC members are welcome, so bring your fellow parent and community reps!

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Delegates, Building Reps and School Leaders Conference

Thursday, March 7 or Saturday, March 9, join with fellow CTU members and school building leaders to learn and share skills needed to fight for our contract and to enforce the rights we’ve won.

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