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Organizing Tools

Our contractual rights are only meaningful if members know them and invoke them. One of our basic rights as workers is the right to union representation.

Professional Problems Committees

The PPC is an important tool to enforce the contract and protect our members’ workplace rights. They are also key to organizing and empowering members to build CTU strength in every school.

Professional Personnel Leadership Committees

The Professional Personnel Leadership Committee (PPLC) is key to organizing and empowering members to have a voice in the curriculum, priorities and budget of our schools.

Local School Councils

What began in Chicago three decades ago as a “radical experiment” in neighborhood control of education has come to resemble—both through waning interest and a deliberate undermining of its powers by Chicago Public Schools—an overlooked and underestimated electoral artifact. This need not, and should not, be. Teachers, PSRPs, parents and community members can play a critical role in realizing the power of Local School Councils at their fullest potential.

2019 Chicago Elections

Chicago is on the cusp of a new political era. Movements for fundamental change—led in no small part by the CTU—have altered the political calculus in this city. We drove out Rahm Emanuel and we have a chance, now, to impact who runs City Hall. We’ve taken the reins in that process. Now, we need every member and supporter to put in the work.

Let’s make CTU’s vision the dominant narrative in this election.

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