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Legislative Action

The CTU’s legislative agenda would improve the day-to-day operations in Chicago’s schools, ensure broad and inclusive representation in school governance, and provide stability and predictability to school communities.

Legislative Updates

90% cut in lapsed educator license fee, 20% cut in PD requirement for renewal cycle

CTU Legislative and Policy Director Kurt Hilgendorf sent this legislative update to rank and file CTU members on Thursday, April 7, 2022.

As you may know, the legislative session is set to end in Springfield on Friday, and we continue to move our bills through the General Assembly in what’s turning out to be both a hectic and particularly effective session for us.

We’ve shared information about a series of important initiatives in the State Legislature so far, including our COVID benefit days, the Too Young To Test bill, and the bill to extend the number of days retirees can serve as guest teachers. As we approach the last scheduled session day this year, I wanted to share a couple of additional bills that pertain to our licenses.

Two bills headed to the governor make it easier to maintain and reinstate our licenses.

The first, HB 4246, reduces the fee for a lapsed educator license from $500 to $50.

Recognizing the burdens resulting from the pandemic, the second bill, SB 3663, reduces professional development hour requirements by 20% for any person on a renewal cycle that includes the 2021-22 school year. Since every licensed educator is on a five year renewal cycle, the required professional development hours are reduced for the vast majority of CTU members.

I will share additional information as the session moves toward its close. As always, our rank and file solidarity has been critical to our efforts to support legislators who are our champions in the state capital. Kudos to every member who’s lent their voice to supporting our legislative agenda in Springfield and the elected officials who are supporting our efforts to bring real equity and fairness to our school communities.

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