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Legislative Action

The CTU’s legislative agenda would improve the day-to-day operations in Chicago’s schools, ensure broad and inclusive representation in school governance, and provide stability and predictability to school communities.

Legislative Updates

Tell Pritzker: Sign the COVID-specific leave act

As we face the current spike in COVID cases, the need for COVID-specific leave for all school employees facing quarantines for themselves or their children dramatically increases. CTU and SEIU 73 understood the need for COVID administrative leave, so we passed a bill during the Fall legislative session, HB 2778, that creates COVID leave for all school workers and retroactively restores sick days used for COVID purposes. That bill sits on Governor JB Pritzker’s desk awaiting his signature. Please call the Governor at 312-814-2121 or 312-814-2122 and ask that he immediately sign HB 2778.

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