Campaign: Green Schools for Chicago

Address the Climate Crisis and Environmental Racism
Improve Our School Buildings
Provide Green Careers to Our Communities

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Promotional image for Health Green Schools Listening Session January 18, 2024 at 5:00 PM at CTU Center, including QR Code.

Our schools are dirty, outdated, and full of harmful toxins. Too often, schools on the South and West sides with the most renovation needs are not prioritized. Who is first in line is often based on political opportunity and what looks good in an election year. This type of planning is racist. We need a process that is inclusive, just, transparent, and prioritizes Black and Brown communities and brings those schools into the 21st Century to avoid the worst impacts of the global climate crisis and carry us into a sustainable future.

Green schools are clean and healthy.

  • Free from harmful toxins including lead, asbestos, and mold
  • Modern, energy efficient ventilation, heating, and cooling

Green schools are fully resourced.

  • Preparing students for green careers
  • Empowering curriculum
  • Green spaces and community gardens

CPS Facilities Masterplan

CPS is updating its facilities masterplan, this process should be:

  • Inclusive and transparent with robust community participation
  • Prioritize schools on the south and west sides of the city
  • Prioritize greening our schools

2022 CTU Green Schools Facilities Walkthrough

Contact members of your school’s PPC, LSC, and Safety Committee and schedule a time to walk through the building to identify safety concerns, damage, and needed repairs. Fill out the facilities reporting google form during the walkthrough.

Common Building Issues Can Include:

  • Leaking water or flooding
  • Visible mold
  • Brown ceiling tiles
  • Chipped paint
  • Windows that don’t open
  • Lack of ventilation & outdated HVAC
  • Documented asbestos (find your school’s report via school profile, downloads at Documented lead in drinking fountains or sinks
  • Damaged or unstable ceilings, floors, stairways

Data and insights from school walkthroughs will help CTU members build relationships with parents and community members to pressure CPS to create an equitable plan to repair and renovate school buildings across the district.


Read the resolution that our House of Delegates passed to establish our Green Schools campaign.


Green Schools for Chicago promotional flyer
Green Schools Facilities Walkthrough flyer.
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