November 8
General Election 2022

On Election Day, November 8, remember…

Your vote is your voice.
Together, we build our power.

CTU Endorsements Quick Guide

Constitutional Offices

Gov.JB Pritzker (D)
Lt. Gov.Julianna Stratton (D)
Atty. Gen.Kwame Raoul (D)
TreasurerMike Frerichs (D)

U.S. Congress

1Jonathan Jackson (D)
3Rep. Delia Ramirez (D)

State Senate

1Javier Loera Cervantes (D)
2Sen. Omar Aquino (D)
7Sen. Mike Simmons (D)
8Sen. Ram Villivalam (D)
10Sen. Rob Martwick (D)
12Sen. Celina Villanueva (D)
13Sen. Robert Peters (D)
18Sen. Bill Cunningham (D)
20Sen. Cristina Pacione-Zayas (D)

State House

1Rep. Aaron Ortiz (D)
4Lilian Jimenez (D)
6Rep. Sonya Harper (D)
9Rep. Lakesia Collins (D)
13Hoan Huynh (D)
16Kevin Olickal (D)
19Rep. Lindsey LaPointe (D)
21Abdelnasser Rashid (D)
24Rep. Theresa Mah (D)
26Rep. Kam Buckner (D)
27Rep. Justin Slaughter (D)
33Rep. Marcus Evans (D)
35Fran Hurley (D)
39Rep. Will Guzzardi (D)
51Nabeela Syed (D)
62Laura Faver Dias (D)
77Norma Hernandez (D)

Cook County Board

1Comm. Brandon Johnson (D)
7Comm. Alma Anaya (D)
8Anthony Quezada (D)

Volunteer for Our Ed Champions

No school on Election Day Nov. 8

Schools will be closed on Tuesday, November 8, giving you a huge opportunity to amplify your impact. Of course, if you haven’t voted by mail or at one of the 52 early voting sites, cast your ballot as soon as possible and take advantage of the guides below. But there’s more you can do! Become an Election Day Volunteer to help get out the vote, be a poll watcher or otherwise help candidates fighting for the schools, the city and the state we deserve.

In addition to everything on the ballot, we’ve endorsed three CTU members out collecting signatures to run for municipal office next spring. Lori Torres Whitt is running to represent the 36th ward in City Council, Mueze Bawany is running for 50th Ward Alderman and our own Brandon Johnson is considering a run for mayor. Take some time on Election Day and/or during non-school hours these next few weeks to help them collect signatures to get on the ballot this spring.


Vote Yes for Workers’ Rights.


What is the Workers’ Rights Amendment?

If passed by Illinois voters on November 8, the Workers’ Rights Amendment (WRA) – formally known as Senate Joint Resolution Constitutional Amendment 11 – would amend the Illinois Constitution to guarantee the fundamental rights of workers to unionize and collectively bargain.

Put simply, the Workers’ Rights Amendment would guarantee the right of workers to bargain for safe working conditions, fair pay, and benefits.

WRA Information

Ways to Vote

Vote By Mail

Up to November 3, you can apply for the easiest, most convenient way to vote: by mail! Complete the application on the Board of Elections website and you will receive your ballot as soon as next week! And you don’t have to put all your faith in the US Postal Service to cast a mail ballot (as much as we love and appreciate our postal workers). You can quickly and conveniently deposit your mail ballot in the Drop Box at any of the 52 Early Voting sites. Click the button below for more Vote by Mail information and a link to request your mail ballot.

Vote By Mail Info

Early Voting

Early Voting in Chicago for the 2022 General Election will start on October 7 through November 8, 2022 (Election Day).

On October 7, Early Voting begins at the Chicago Board of Elections Supersite (191 N. Clark) and the Chicago Board of Elections Office (69 W. Washington, 6th Floor). You can vote there seven days a week right up to and including Election Day. Click below for hours.

All 50 Ward Early Voting sites will be open from October 24 through November 8 (Election Day). You can vote at any early voting site, the site does not have to be in your ward, even on Election Day. Click the button below to see all 50 Ward Early Voting sites and their hours.

Early Voting Sites

Vote on November 8

Election Day is an exciting time to head out to the polls with the throngs of voters. The Board of Elections will likely send you a card indicating your designated polling place.However, you can also enter your address into the Voter Information Lookup at the Board of Elections website to find your polling place. If you are registered to vote, you do not need an ID, although it might not be a bad idea to bring one just in case. And if you have moved or have never registered, there are several easy ways to register. There is a lot more information on the Chicago Board of Elections site and, for those in the suburbs, the Cook County election page.

Chicago Elections Info
General CTU Announcement

Layoff Rights

Despite inadequate staffing and large class sizes, CPS continues to disrespect educators with layoffs that hurt our members, our students and our schools. Thanks to our contract, CPS is required to follow some rules when they make these layoffs and laid off teachers have rights.

Learn More