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YES to Fair Funding!
YES to Fair Tax!

Fair funding for our schools and communities requires a Fair Tax for Illinois.

The Illinois Fair Tax amendment is on the November election ballot. It’s the first question you’ll see, and you should vote yes. The Fair Tax will make it possible to have a fairer system where essential workers don’t have to pay the same taxes as millionaires and billionaires. In fact, the tax only applies to those making more than $250,000 per year (or 3 percent of Illinois’ population). Everyone else has no change or receives a tax cut.

Under our current system, everyone in the state pays the same rate, which gives millionaires and billionaires a special deal that the average Illinoisan can’t get. But with the Fair Tax, 97 percent of people in Illinois get a tax cut or pay the same. It’s only those select few at the top who would pay more.

That’s why people like Ken Griffin, a billionaire who said we should close 125 schools back in 2013, has put nearly $50 million into opposing the tax. It’s cheaper for him to spend money on TV commercials than it is for him to put his fair share into supporting schools, universities, mental health services and public safety. Those at the top like Griffin have not only made billions during the COVID-19 pandemic, but received huge federal tax cuts, too. At the same time, thousands of our neighbors have lost their jobs and livelihoods.

We need additional funding to make sure our schools can serve the needs of our students who may be recovering from the trauma of losing loved ones, and need additional supports, technology and even basic needs like meals.

The Fair Tax would raise $3 billion each year in Illinois, and a significant portion of that money goes to public schools. That new money means stable funding and support for our students, in a district that is more than 80 percent Black and Latinx. Voting yes on Fair Tax means they can have lower class sizes, more counselors and better special education to serve some of our most vulnerable populations. A yes vote also means students can have increased bilingual education, more nurses and sustainable community schools.

Fair Tax means change we can all stand behind because it’s change for the many, not the few. Voting yes to Fair Tax means Illinois will be able to raise $3 billion in additional money for schools, universities, child care and health care—money we desperately need to provide real equity to the students and families we serve.

The choice is clear. Please vote yes for the Fair Tax amendment.

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Vote By Mail for Safety and Convenience

This year, you can vote for the Fair Tax from the comfort and safety of your home. You should have already received communications about how to vote by mail. If you have not already requested a mail ballot, you should request a mail ballot for the City of Chicago or a mail ballot for suburban Cook County.