End CPS’s Unfair School Rating Policy

WARNING! Outdated campaign! This page remains here for archival purposes, but the information and action steps are no longer relevant.

SQRP is a racist “hunger games” attack

The Board of Education Needs to Abolish SQRP

CPS’s School Quality Rating Policy (SQRP) is racist, punitive and superficial. It doesn’t help schools improve. Instead, it contributes to the “hunger games” culture in which schools must desperately compete to avoid a snowball effect of harmful repercussions. Its superficial measures—heavily reliant on standardized test scores—don’t value the culture that educators and students work so hard to cultivate in their school. It consistently undervalues majority-Black schools and contributes to the push out that’s depopulating huge swaths of Chicago’s South and West sides.

SQRP Fact Sheet

The Chicago Teachers Union proposes that CPS abolish SQRP and reject any rating system that evaluates schools based on test scores, attendance, or other measures that mainly reflect the socioeconomic level of the students rather than the quality of the school. Instead, the CTU proposes that CPS describe schools and choose appropriate supports based on the variety of programs offered at the school and according to the day-to-day needs of the students and staff.

The Board of Education has been forced to face SQRP‘s utter failure to contribute to students’ education. As they try to “fix” this radically misguided system, it’s our duty to point out that SQRP is too flawed to fix.

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