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Election Day

On Tuesday, March 19 more than 1,200 polling places will open from 6:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. across the city for voters to cast ballots in their own neighborhood. In addition, even on Election Day any voter can go to any Early Voting Site anywhere in the city to cast their ballot. Click the button below to get your personal voting information.

Your Polling Place

Early Voting

Early voting begins March 4 in all 50 wards and runs through election day, March 19. You can already vote early at the Supersite (191 N. Clark) & Board of Election Offices (69 W. Washington, 6th Flr). You can vote at any early voting site, not just the one in your ward. You can get more information about early voting, including locations, on the Chicago Board of Elections site.

Early Voting Info

Mail Ballots

Voting by mail is the most convenient way to cast your ballot in the comfort of your own home. Apply to vote by mail on the Chicago Board of Elections vote by mail page before March 14. The board will mail your ballot to your home. You can either return your ballot by mail or drop it off in a drop box at any early voting site.

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Get Involved!

Democracy is a verb! Our opponents have the money, the Chicago Teachers Union and our allies have the people. We need that people power to canvass or phone bank for Bring Chicago Home and also to support our education champions, and CTU members, Tara Stamps and Graciela Guzman.


Bring Chicago Home

Vote YES on Ballot Referendum #1

Everyone deserves a home in Chicago, but some 20,000 students in our schools lack stable housing. This ballot measure would create new funding streams to provide people experiencing homelessness with permanent housing, by changing the structure of an existing one-time tax to make the rich pay a higher rate when they buy properties that cost over $1 million. So only people who can afford to pay will pay more. It’s a fair share policy for affordable housing that will help thousands of Chicago families, but we need Chicagoans to vote YES on March 19.


The House of Delegates has approved the following endorsements recommended by the CTU Political Action Committee. These candidates have stood consistently with the Chicago Teachers Union on key issues such as an elected school board, bargaining rights, COVID safety and more. Visit our volunteer sign up page to let us know that you will pitch in to keep the political atmosphere in Springfield supportive of public schools and the educators who make them work for students every day.

Injustice Watch

For every election, the Injustice Watch website compiles a biography and scorecard for each and every judicial candidate. These dossiers are not endorsements, but provide essential information to help you cast an informed vote. Each entry includes official experience, notable achievements and entanglements, money raised and main backers, as well as endorsements. We highly encourage members to review candidate files for your elections as you cast your ballot.

US House of Representatives

Melissa Conyears‑Ervin

D, 7th US Congressional district

City Treasurer Conyears-Ervin has been a strong CTU supporter. When she was a state representative, Conyears-Ervin was the chief sponsor of the landmark bill to restore the CTU’s bargaining rights. While in the House, she also regularly supported the elected school board. Finally, Treasurer Conyears-Ervin has supported CTU allies for elected office and has a real vision for how to improve the West and South Sides.

IL Supreme Court

Hon. Joy Cunningham

Supreme Court Justice, 1st District

Justice Cunningham was appointed to the Illinois Supreme Court in 2022 and has ruled on important legal cases, including ruling that the landmark Illinois SAFE-T Act, which ended cash bail in Illinois and includes other important criminal justice reforms, was constitutional.

Cook County

Clayton Harris III

D, State’s Attorney

Clayton is the father of two boys, a lecturer at the University of Chicago, and a champion for ensuring that criminal justice is actually just – protecting Chicagoans’ rights while also keeping us safe. His opponent wrongfully prosecuted an 11-year-old, took money from anti-abortion extremists, and backed Bruce Rauner during the State’s budget impasse in 2017. It’s clear that Clayton Harris is the best choice for State’s Attorney.

Mariyana Spyropoulos

D, Cook County Clerk of the Circuit Court

Mariyana’s experience as an attorney makes her the best candidate to lead the office of Clerk of the Circuit Court of Cook County at a pivotal time. For years, the Clerk’s office has failed to modernize and operate in a transparent manner. Mariyana is running to improve the use of technology in the office, bring the courts to the communities to increase access to justice, and make the office more transparent and ethical.

Comm. Larry Rogers

D, Cook County Board of Review Commissioner, 3rd District

The Cook County Board of Review handles cases involving property tax appeals. Rogers, the only Black member of the three-person panel, has served since 2004. He has also politically supported CTU allies in the past.

Comm. Tara Stamps

D, 1st Cook County Board District

Commissioner Tara Stamps is not just a candidate; she is a mother, educator, organizer, and a true movement builder. Born and raised right here in Chicago, with deep roots in the West Side, Tara's commitment to our community runs deep. She understands the struggles we face because she has faced them herself. Before embarking on this journey as a public servant, Tara Stamps was an award-winning educator in the Chicago Public Schools, where she worked tirelessly in the Cabrini Green neighborhood.

Illinois Senate

Sen. Lakesia Collins

D, 5th District

As a nursing home worker, she was overworked and underpaid. As a single mom of three boys, she’s keenly aware of the safety concerns our children face each and every day. Lakesia has spent her adult life caring for and fighting for others. Working in nursing homes that were understaffed, she knows the impacts of low staffing levels and heavy workloads have on both workers and patients. Lakesia is a working voice for working families for a change. As State Senator of Illinois 5th district, she fights for a better future for all of us.

Sen. Rob Martwick

D, 10th District

Rob Martwick has a 100% pro-labor and pro-choice voting record. He has spent his career fighting for working families, supporting first responders, and combatting climate change. From middle-class tax relief to protecting public education, Rob has delivered real results to make Illinois better for the next generation.

Sen. Robert Peters

D, 13th District

As a state senator, Peters has championed the end of cash bail in Illinois after years of organizing around it before becoming a Senator. This legislative session alone, Peters has passed six bills out of the Senate, as he continues to push Illinois forward as a leader in criminal justice reform and true public safety for all. He chairs the Public Safety Committee in the Senate and is Chair of the Senate Black Caucus. He is focused on environmental justice, racial justice, economic freedom, and public safety for all.

Graciela Guzman

D, 20th District

Graciela is an organizer with the Chicago Teachers Union, a lifelong healthcare advocate, who came to organizing and legislative activism through lived experiences. She is the daughter of immigrants who fled the Salvadoran civil war and she lost her grandfather at an early age for no other reason other than a lack of access to health insurance. This led her to become a leader in fights around immigration, housing and schools. Graciela is the only candidate recruited to run by local community organizations, and who is endorsed by the CTU, as well as our local elected leaders.

Illinois House

Rep. Lilian Jiménez

D, 4th District

Lilian Jiménez is a labor rights and immigration lawyer and life-long social justice advocate born and raised in Chicago. Jiménez is a strong legislator because she has experienced barriers such as poverty, disinvestment and discrimination first hand and has dedicated herself to eliminating those barriers for others. As a mother and member of this community, she is committed to keeping the 4th District affordable, safe and welcoming for working families, immigrants and long-time residents.

Rep. Kimberly DuBuclet

D, 5th District

Representative DuBuclet represents River North to Grand Crossing. She returned to the state legislature after having served as a Commissioner in the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District Board. In her elected roles she has brought attention to the need for proper programming in our park districts that reflect the community they serve, she prioritizes environmental justice, and expanding open green spaces.

Rep. Sonya Harper

D, 6th District

Rep. Harper is a single mom raising her 12 year old daughter in West Englewood. She’s been a state representative since 2015. During her time, she has sponsored a CTU bill to make TIF’s work for schools, supported an elected representative school board, and advocated to expand our bargaining rights. Rep. Harper also sponsored a bill that mandates schools test their drinking water for lead. Additionally, Sonya is a staunch advocate for food access and wellness education.

House Speaker, Rep. Emanuel “Chris” Welch

D, 7th District

As Speaker, Chris Welch has worked to strengthen accountability and restore trust in government. He imposed the state's first term limits on legislative leaders, created tougher financial interest disclosures for all lawmakers, and strengthened regulations on insider lobbyists. The fiscally and socially responsible budget Speaker Welch enacted took critical steps toward financial stability by paying down debt, saving for the future, and improving Illinois' credit rating -- while also making smart investments in public school classrooms, affordable health care, and job training.

Rep. Hoan Huynh

D, 13th District

Hoan Huynh (pronounced Hahn Win) is a community leader, entrepreneur, and small business advocate. His family came to America as Vietnam War refugees. Raised by a factory worker mother and Veteran father, Hoan worked tirelessly to become a first-generation success story, graduating from Yale University with a bachelor’s degree, with honors, then earning a master’s degree from Harvard University. A Chicago’s Uptown neighborhood leader, Hoan has been fighting to expand opportunity for those who need it most.

Rep. Kelly Cassidy

D, 14th District

As an organizer, a legislative director and a mom, Kelly Cassidy has spent the past 20 years living her values. Whether fighting for the rights of women and the LGBT community as an activist, working for a smarter criminal justice system within the state’s attorney’s office, or ensuring that her three boys have safe spaces to play in our community, she has devoted the last two decades to making government more accessible, efficient and effective.

Rep. Abdelnasser Rashid

D, 21st District

Representative Rashid is running for re-election after serving his first term in Springfield, where he represents our members on the southwest side and western suburbs. He believes working families deserve proper representation. He works to fully fund our education system and fix a broken property tax system. His work thus far has aligned with our priorities as we build a city, country, and state deserving of the many.

Rep. Edgar Gonzalez

D, 23rd District

Rep. Gonzalez was appointed to replace Celina Villanueva in 2020. At the time of his inauguration, he became the youngest state rep to serve at 23 years old. In his short time, he has supported an elected representative school board, advocated to expand our bargaining rights and supported the end of a voucher program that siphoned away millions from public schools.

Rep. Theresa Mah

D, 24th District

Our communities deserve strong schools, safe neighborhoods, access to affordable healthcare, good jobs, and tax relief that puts the working class first and requires millionaires and billionaires to pay their fair share. She’s fighting to make that progressive vision of the future a reality. As a State Rep. Theresa she has supported a CTU bill to make TIF’s work for schools, supported an elected representative school board, and advocated to expand our bargaining rights. She was also a staunch opponent of the voucher program that siphoned millions away from our public schools.

Rep. Kam Buckner

D, 26th District

Representative Buckner currently serves as the Assistant Majority Leader in the House and has been a lead negotiator on the state’s clean energy package and the SAFE-T Act, backing legislation creating an elected school board in Chicago, allowing college athletes to be paris for use of their name and likeness. He is also prepared to make transportation for CPS students more readily accessible.

Rep. Justin Slaughter

D, 27th District

Representative Slaughter serves residents on the far southside and southern suburbs of Cook County. He continues to work for real criminal justice reform and fully funded schools, where he passed legislation that provides training to develop skills for computers, public speaking, and general business. Rep. Slaughter was also a lead sponsor of the Safe-T Act.

Rep. Mary Flowers

D, 31st District

State Rep. Mary Flowers is the longest-serving member in the Illinois General Assembly and has been a long-time CTU supporter. She’s also regularly introduced legislation for universal state healthcare and a financial transaction tax.

Lisa Davis

D, 32nd District

Lisa Davis is an attorney in the Cook County Public Defender’s office. She is running against an incumbent state representative who was a supporter of the voucher program and has allied himself with Bruce Rauner and Paul Vallas supporters.

As a mom of three and wife of a Chicago firefighter, Lisa understands the challenges we face to make ends meet. And as an AFSCME union member and Cook County public defender, she is working to keep us safe while also ensuring our criminal justice system is fair.

Rep. Marcus Evans

D, 33rd District

Marcus entered the Illinois General Assembly in 2012, working previously for years with 8th Ward of Chicago Alderman Michelle A. Harris. He understood the importance of quality hard working representatives and took off immediately. During his first two months in office he carried major legislation to help improve the environment and bring economic development to the area. Marcus continues to raise the bar, sponsor and support real impact legislation to help spur economic development, create jobs and get the State of Illinois going in the right direction.

Rep. Will Guzzardi

D, 39th District

Will Guzzardi represents the 39th District in the Illinois House, serving the Logan Square, Belmont Cragin, Hermosa, Bucktown, and Avondale neighborhoods of Chicago. In the legislature, Guzzardi has championed issues of pressing importance to working people and those in need. He has advanced measures to end workplace discrimination; lower the cost of prescription drugs; make college affordable for every student; and curb abuses by the debt collection industry. And in February of 2019, he passed historic legislation raising Illinois’s minimum wage to $15 per hour by 2025.

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