We must build our capacity to fight misguided politicians, well-financed corporate school reformers, and people who want to turn back the clock on workers’ rights. Sign up below to make a donation.
Chicago is at the dawn of a new political era. Movements for fundamental change—led in no small part by the Chicago Teachers Union—have altered the political calculus in this city. We drove out Rahm Emanuel and Bruce Rauner. We are the leaders in public education. We helped elect officials who are champions for human rights and educational justice. Having these elected officials in place matters, which is why it is crucial that you support the Union’s Political Action Committee to help elect others like them to office.

Preferred: Member Payroll Deduction

The easiest and most reliable way for CTU members to contribute to the PAC is through payroll deduction. To authorize that deduction, complete your membership card (even if you are already a member) and indicate on the second-to-last page of the form how much you want to contribute. Contributions to the CTU PAC are not tax-deductible.

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Alternative: Credit Card deduction

While payroll deduction provides the most reliable way for members to contribute to the CTU PAC, non-members have the option to contribute via credit card using the form below. In addition, members may prefer, for various reasons, to contribute with their credit card. Contributions to the CTU PAC are not tax-deductible. Unfortunately, credit card deductions do reduce the amount contributed based on charges by the credit card processing company, which is one reason CTU prefers payroll deduction, where possible. Members should decide based on your own needs and priorities. In all instances, we are grateful that members and non-members alike contribute to the political power of actual frontline educators.