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Together, our union fights to win.

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Building public support and power in our schools

As we start the school year, here are a few ways you can add your unique voice to our CTU chorus. Use our social media accounts and our communications staff—our Facebook and Twitter feeds (be sure to tag @CTULocal1) and communications@ctulocal1.org—to spread the word about your first week back:

Sign up a new member at your school or in your work group, take a photo and share it with us! Take pictures of you holding union meetings and gathering with your CAT teams—your Contract Action Teams. Use the hashtags #FairContractNow and #PutItInWriting to remind our city of the promises that Mayor Lightfoot made everyone about smaller classes, full staffing, justice for our students and a fair contract for all.

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CTU Speaks! Podcast

Contract Fight News

Bernie 9-24-19
Presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders to join CTU, SEIU at rally for fair contracts for Chicago workers
7:00 p.m. Tuesday., Sept. 24: CTU/SEIU labor rally for fair contracts CTU HQ, 1901 W. Carroll Ave., Chicago CTU, SEIU
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21 hours ago
Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders will join the CTU and @SEIU73 in a rally for fair contracts, with striking UAW workers, suburban teachers, @SEIUhciimk, more: 7P, Tues., 9/24 https://t.co/W2BffIpN1H #PutItInWriting #FairContractNow #twill
21 hours ago
Rebutting today's distortions from @chipubschools and @chicagosmayor -- and demanding that they get serious at the bargaining table. #PutItInWriting #FairContractNow https://t.co/c1ms29june
23 hours ago
We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again. It’s not just about teacher pay. It’s about resources for students. It’s about staffing and wraparound services. This is for the kids. #FairContractNow #PutItInWriting @CTULocal1 https://t.co/InmBEfFkls
23 hours ago
“I’ll strike for every single one of my students. I’ll strike for all my future students. I’ll strike for my two sons in CPS.” #PutItInWriting #FairContractNow @CTULocal1 https://t.co/UDWxNqY09M

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Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago Teachers Union58 minutes ago
Audobon Elementary held its largest union meeting in three years yesterday and is strike ready!
Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago Teachers Union4 hours ago
CTU and SEIU 73 solidarity at Hearst Elementary!!
Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago Teachers Union7 hours ago
This Mother Jones is only ten feet high. Our delegate at Taft says he's getting the 12-footer for Bernie on Tuesday. Solidarity Saturday!
Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago Teachers Union21 hours ago
CTU members, wear your CTU red -- and be there!
Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago Teachers Union21 hours ago
Mayor Lightfoot made inaccurate comments today regarding the current state of contract negotiations between our union and the district. CTU VP Stacy Davis Gates responded. Forcefully.
Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago Teachers Union21 hours ago
‪BREAKING: Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Bernie Sanders will be at the CTU Center next Tuesday at 7 p.m. for a joint solidarity rally with the CTU and SEIU Local 73. Details to come...‬
Chicago Teachers Union
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Main Hashtags

  • #FairContractNow
  • #PutItInWriting
  • #StandWithCTU
  • #RedForEd

Specific Hashtags

Use these hashtags with posts that fit them. For example, #ClassSizeMatters with a photo post of your overcrowded room.

  • #SolidarityFriday
  • #PrepTime
  • #TeachersPrepare
  • #ClassSizeMatters
  • #FairPay
  • #StaffOurSchools
  • #WomensWorkEqualPay
  • #SanctuarySchools

Use Your Teacher Voice

Every voice matters—including yours. No-one can tell your story or your school’s story like you can. Send the CTU a brief (15-30 second) video about what your classroom and school needs, and what your students could achieve if those needs were met. We’re composing an anthem—and every voice lifted and singing this tune amplifies our mighty chorus.
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Fighting for Fair Contracts

CTU is fighting for quality pay and benefits (including health care), full staffing in our schools, smaller class sizes and justice for students and families. Get updates and resources for our contract fights here.

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