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Bargaining for the Schools Chicago Students Deserve

Together, our union fights to win.

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spin versus reality
Factfinder sides with Lightfoot: no educational justice in contract
Dear sisters and brothers: Thursday at Morgan Park High School, Mayor Lori Lightfoot leaked news of the factfinder report, saying
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15 minutes ago
Won’t make the @CTULocal1 all member meeting today but sending love and solidarity from Vietnam. You better believe I’m ready to fight and strike if we have to. #putitinwriting #faircontractnow
15 minutes ago
#faircontractnow@CTULocal1⁩ we need ⁦ @chicagosmayor⁩ to put in writing many of the promises she made in the campaign: smaller classes, fully staffed schools, special education resources... https://t.co/BrDKxRGVR9 CTULocal1 photo
19 minutes ago
Packed @CTULocal1 all-member meeting. At CPS HQ at 3:45P to talk abt - and testify on - how budget breaks equity promises ... and CPS/ @chicagosmayor need to put ed justice promises in writing in enforceable contract. #PutItInWriting #FairContractNow https://t.co/eOmz77jFyC CTULocal1 photo
4 hours ago
3:45p today~ CTU Press Conf. @ Budget Hrg: Proposed budget cuts >$100K from 200+ schools & cuts positions for frontline workers--incl. school nurses, social wkrs & librarians. Cuts directly contradict Lightfoot's campaign promises. #twill #faircontractnow https://t.co/MNiweaVEm2

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Chicago Teachers Union

The Chicago Teachers Union is an organization of educators dedicated to advancing and promoting quality public education, improving teaching and learning conditions, and protecting members' rights.
Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago Teachers Union3 hours ago
Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago Teachers Union4 hours ago
3:45p today~ CTU Press Conf. @ Budget Hrg: Proposed budget cuts >$100K from 200+ schools & cuts positions for frontline workers--incl. school nurses, social wkrs & librarians. Cuts directly contradict Lightfoot's campaign promises. #twill #faircontractnow http://www.ctulocal1.org/posts/press-release-ctu-testify-oppose-cps-budget-cuts/
Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago Teachers Union20 hours ago
WBEZ's analysis of CPS' proposed budget: the so-called 'good news' comes with serious caveats -- and really bad news for hundreds of schools and tens of thousands of students.
Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago Teachers Union1 day ago
More than one of four schools had at least one year-long teacher vacancy last year. We have to think big to solve the problem.
Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago Teachers Union1 day ago
The Chicago Teachers Union is ready to strike as early as Sept. 26 if no deal is reached. WBEZ highlights issues that divide the two sides.
Chicago Teachers Union
Chicago Teachers Union3 days ago
By Brett RowlandThe Center SquareSPRINGFIELD - Gov. J.B. Pritzker announced late Friday that he signed 49 bills into law, including one that would allow graduate students to unionize. Among the bills the governor signed was House Bill 252, which woul

What We Are Fighting For

Our contracts and our unity give us the power to thwart administrators’ attempts to play us against one another and improve our working conditions so we can best serve our students’ needs. Together, in unity, we can win a better contract, better working conditions — and better schools.

Smaller Class Sizes

All students need individual attention from their teachers.

Fair Pay & Benefits

CPS needs to stop short-changing the people who make our schools work.

Fully Staffed Supports

We will not tolerate the continued elimination of essential positions.

Justice for Families

CTU fights for social justice in the areas of affordable housing, sanctuary schools, sustainable community schools, and restorative justice

Take Action

Whatever we do, we’ll do it together. You have a part to play.

All CTU members and supporters can show up and be heard at our events. CTU educators in the schools have a special role to play in uniting with coworkers and getting everyone strike ready. Whether we need to strike or not, our readiness shows the Board that, together, we’ll fight to win.


CTU All-Member Meeting

Board of Education Rally

South Side Labor Day Parade


Our Union is powerful if we are united and organized. 

Build Contract Action Teams, reach out to parents and community members, and wear red together every Friday. If we get strike ready, we can win a contract that will improve our schools and our lives.


Bargaining Timeline

The timeline below illuminates the path we’re taking, guided by two motivations:

  1. Union members in the schools drive the priorities of the campaign.
  2. We meet our legal obligations under the infamous Section 4.5 of the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Act (IELRA).

Follow the timeline see where we are and where we’re going as we lead up to a potential strike and/or the resolution we’re seeking in a fair contract.


    Use Your Teacher Voice

    Every voice matters—including yours. No-one can tell your story or your school’s story like you can. Send the CTU a brief (15-30 second) video about what your classroom and school needs, and what your students could achieve if those needs were met. We’re composing an anthem—and every voice lifted and singing this tune amplifies our mighty chorus.

    District Contract Bargaining Q&A

    As we bargain a new contract for nearly 25,000 teachers, clinicians and PSRPs, many wonder where this process is going and what to expect. No one here has a crystal ball, but what we can answer, we have answered in this Q&A page.
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    Illinois is now “right to work for less.” Beat the anti-union attack. Join CTU!

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