Campaign: Sanctuary Schools

The Chicago Teachers Union is committed to protecting our students, our schools and our communities.

Sanctuary Series Workshop

Illustration of a woman in CTU red holding a sign that says No Human Being Is Illegal.

Supporting Our Newcomers

September 19
5:00–6:30 PM

Learn about the political context of the countries from which our students are coming. Learn what rights newcomers have when enrolling in CPS and what services they should receive. Discuss what we can do if your students are not receiving the services to which they are entitled.

Zoom Registration

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Expanded Sanctuary

Chicago calls itself a “Sanctuary City.” Yet, this city still needs to adopt many more actions and policies that would increase protections for all students. That’s especially true for our most vulnerable students who are immigrants, Muslims and LGBTQI. Even as the union joins the fight for these changes, we hope to provide resources for our members to use right now. Use the resources provided here to support and protect students who live under direct threat every day.

What Does “Sanctuary” Mean?

Join the Fight for Expanded Sanctuary

CTU Organizer Rebecca Martinez is always ready to bring more members into the fight for expanded sanctuary. Fill out the form below to contact her about the campaign. Our students and their families need us!