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Campaign: Sanctuary Schools

The Chicago Teachers Union is committed to protecting our students, our schools and our communities.
Although Chicago calls itself a “Sanctuary City,” this city still needs to adopt many more actions and policies that would increase protections for all students—especially our most vulnerable students who are immigrants, Muslims and LGBTQI. Even as the union joins the fight for these changes, we hope to provide resources for our members to use right now in supporting and protecting students who live under direct threat every day.

Sanctuary Trainings

Sanctuary Contract Wins &
Setting Up Your Sanctuary Team

Tuesday, November 19
5:00–7:00 p.m.
CTU Center (1901 W. Carroll Ave.)

Join the CTU Latinx Caucus in the first Sanctuary in Our Schools training of the 19-20 school year! Learn all about the sanctuary language that we won and got into our contract FOR THE FIRST TIME EVER! One of our major wins is:
“CPS will develop a training program for staff on proper response to ICE entrance in school and proactive steps to aid students and families in obtaining legal or other assistance with immigration related actions.”

Our training will help you get this process started at your school! Get informed and become a leader on issues that impact immigrant students!

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Census 2020, Public Charge Rule Change and No Match Letters

Tuesday, December 3
5:00–7:00 p.m.
CTU Center (1901 W. Carroll Ave.)

We need to ensure that our communities are counted in the census. We need to help inform communities about how their enrollment in publicly funded healthcare, nutrition and housing programs can/cannot impact their legalization process. And we need to teach community members how to respond if their employer(s) receive notices about their names and social security numbers not matching. Learn what you need to know to help keep our communities safe.

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Culturally Relevant Curriculum for Students

Tuesday, December 10
5:00–7:00 p.m.
CTU Center (1901 W. Carroll Ave.)

As educators, curriculum is one of our most potent tools in empowering students to cope with public policy and to change it. Learn about existing curricular resources and make a start at developing your own.

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Join the Fight for Expanded Sanctuary

CTU Organizer Rebecca Martinez is always ready to bring more members into the fight for expanded sanctuary. Fill out the form below to contact her about the campaign. Our students and their families need us!