Brandon Johnson
for Mayor

If a teacher became mayor,
we could build the city we all deserve.

Get involved and build our power

If a teacher ran City Hall our schools would be a top budget and policy priority. Our safety policies would recognize the connection between violence and trauma. If teachers and fellow-thinkers ran City Council, equity would guide city policies and decisions would be based on providing strong infrastructure and planning for success.

This year, we have a chance to make that happen. In addition to Brandon, the CTU is backing three of our members — Brandon Johnson for Mayor and for city council Lori Torres Whitt in the 36th ward and Mueze Bawany in the 50th ward. We are standing up for allies who have fought at our sides for years around school funding and safety, around environmental justice for our students and their families and for true racial and class justice in city policies. Don’t miss this chance to win the leadership our city needs. Get involved and elect a City Hall that works for the many, not the few!

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In the race for mayor,
CTU proudly supports our brother

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