My Movement

Together, with students, families, and workers in our school communities, we create change across our city and guide the future.

Together, our union fights to win.

Campaigns and Initiatives

Election 2022

The Chicago Teachers Union has been very effective in moving policies that improve our profession and our working conditions. Our continued legislative victories depend on elected officials who truly represent our interests as educators.

Safe Schools

As the CTU attempts to bargain an agreement with the mayor’s hand-picked board of education to safely reopen high schools, we are organizing in every school throughout the district to ensure safety for students and staff alike.

Green Schools

In Chicago in 2021, the cumulative effects of a devastating pandemic and unbridled capitalism leave us with worsened structural racism and economic inequality on top of a looming global climate crisis.

Sanctuary Schools

Students and their families need to feel safe and secure in our schools. That’s what sanctuary means.

Get Involved

You are the Union. There are many ways you can help make the schools our students deserve a reality. Wear red on Fridays. Pass out educational materials to parents and community members. Join a CTU committee. Speak up in your religious or civic community. Union staff will provide you with opportunities.

Organizing Tools

Play your part in bringing colleagues together to make your school strong. Stand up for what’s right in your school’s Local School Council (LSC), your Professional Problems Committee (PPC), or your Professional Personnel Leadership Committee (PPLC). Lead your colleagues’ efforts as a school delegate. Union staff will have your back the whole way. The resources here will help.