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Delegates and School Leaders Training

Saturday, Jan. 18
9:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m.
at 8:00 a.m.
Whitney Young HS
211 S. Laflin Street

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CTU schools—both district-run and charter—have new contracts. Every one of us must organize to make the most of them. CPS and charter employers have a contractual duty to make sure their administrative employees abide by our contract. At the same time, we know that vigilance and unity in each school and worksite is essential to enforcing our rights.

On the heels of our strikes, which brought colleagues together on the picket line and forged new bonds of solidarity, we have a tremendous opportunity to build our power in the classroom, the school office and the networks. We mustn’t waste this opportunity. Delegates, picket captains, PPC members, PPLC and LSC representatives are all strongly encouraged to come together at this school leaders training and build a real campaign out of putting all of our hard-won rights into effect and reinforcing our power in the schools.

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Workshop Descriptions

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Enforcing our class size wins

Both Sessions

Is class size an issue at your school? In this workshop come prepared to learn about new class size wins in Article 28 of the new contract and strategize about how to enforce contract language on class size issues.

Who’s got the power? Building member power through strong PPCs and PSCs

Both Sessions

Learn how to empower the members in your school to solve school-based problems by building strong, well-organized PPCs and PSCs. You may want to read Article 1-12 in anticipation of this workshop.

Special Education: In it to win it!

Both Sessions

Learn about the contract wins for special education and discuss how to enforce and organize around them! Connect with bargaining team members and learn from members who are doing contract enforcement in their buildings. At this workshop you will learn about class size restrictions, legal language for inclusion rooms, work relief, and protections for the IEP team and job security. We will also discuss how to organize your sped team at your school along with parents and disability and parent rights organizations. Special Education provisions are covered in Article 21, which is updated in the new contract. There are also provisions in Article 44 that pertain to special education.

El pueblo, unido, jamás será vencido: Bilingual Ed in our contract

Both Sessions

Congratulations bilingual teachers and ELPTs! It’s finally time we start prioritizing the needs of the bilingual education program! In Article 44 of the new contract we won language to strengthen our bilingual programs, as well as new class size provisions in Article 26. In this workshop you will learn about protected time for ELPTs, how to get an ELPT at your school, tuition reimbursement, and how to get bilingual resources at your schools.

Making our Early Childhood wins a reality

Both Sessions

Early childhood paraprofessionals and teachers made real gains in our contract. Hear from Bargaining Team members and talk about how to implement nap time, 10:1 ratios and more protections in Article 17 of the new contract.

PSRPs: When we fight we win!

Morning Session Only

Whether marching in the cold or enduring sleepless nights of negotiations, CTU worked hard to win a strong contract that benefits PSRPs. In this workshop you will learn about Article 9 contract language, new salary increases, steps and lanes, and general working conditions, and how to enforce them. Several contract articles relate to PSRP issues, but you may want to consult Article 9 in both the last contract and any changes in the new contract in preparation for this workshop.

How to be an effective new delegate

Both Sessions

Learn the ropes. What are some of the best practices? Get tips from experienced delegates. Brainstorm how to improve your workplace by using the contract and organizing strategies to build member power.

Why we need strong LSCs and why you should run – PPLCs and PPCs

Morning Session Only

This workshop includes an overviews of the power LSC’s are supposed to have, the purpose and role of the PPLC, and the really important role that school staff play in both working with parents and community. LSC members are also the voice of school issues so LSC members aren’t fooled by the rosy principal report all the time. Issues include: class size, RJ coordinators, librarians, and upcoming April elections.

Clinician organizing

Morning Session Only

What are the wins in our contract for clinicians? How can we enforce them? Hear from Bargaining Team members and clinician leaders. Article 20 of both the last contract and the new contract relate directly to clinician rights, so you may want to consult them prior to the meeting.

Put it in writing! Counselors, Librarians & Restorative Justice

Morning Session Only

In our new contract we won additional positions for librarians, counselors and Restorative Justice staffers at 120 schools. In this workshop Bargaining team members lead a discussion around how we can use these contract provisions to improve our schools.

Building Legislative and Political power to win more for our students and communities

Afternoon Session Only

Learn about key Legislative and Political fights in 2020 and beyond.

Tackling student loan debt

Afternoon Session Only

This workshop is for members interested in learning about how to reduce their student debt. This Student Debt Clinic will provide information on how to enroll in Income-Driven Repayment plans and Public Service Loan Forgiveness.

Whose Schools? Our Schools! Whose Communities? Our Communities!

Afternoon Session Only

What are the wins in our new contract around Sustainable Community Schools and Affordable Housing? How can we prepare to fight school closings and win more for our school communities?

Talking about AUSL

Afternoon Session Only

How do we improve teaching and learning conditions in AUSL schools? This workshop will also discuss the role of LSCs in AUSL schools.

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