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Volume 85, Issue 3


President’s Message: In awe of your dedication and resolve

The joy of returning to our students, back in person, five days a week, was tempered by increased trauma in our buildings due to violence, personal loss and a pandemic was still wreaking havoc on our daily lives. I continue to be in awe of the dedication and resolve of our rank-and-file members.

2021 Year in Review

It’s been quite a year. We’ve assembled our top 10 memorable moments and Union achievements of 2021. As we look toward 2022, safety will continue to be at the forefront of our work, along — of course — with love, nurturing and care for our students and school communities.

Supporting our work in the second semester

You made it through the first semester of what has been the most calamitous school year to date. Now it’s time to give yourself some credit, rest and reset. Your summer break is just around the corner.

We’ve got your backs

Before educators at Pulaski Elementary took a stand, clerks and tech cos were working in person five days a week and the administration was allowing parents access to the building at any time any day, just like it was a normal school year. Of course, it wasn’t a normal school year.

CTU Bilingual Committee works to ensure English learners are more than an afterthought

Our 2019 strike won historic improvements in bilingual education. It creates a tuition reimbursement for earning a bilingual or ESL endorsement and includes new professional development for ELL teachers. It allocates positions based on the number of students needing services and protects bilingual educators from being pulled for other tasks, such as lunch duty classroom coverage. These wins can help us support our bilingual students but only if we know how to enforce them.

“Reparations Won” in the Classroom

Against the Current Magazine interviewed CTU members Will Weaver and Lauren Bianchi about their experience in implementing the Reparations Won curriculum.

Class Size grievance win nets $61K for ASPIRA charter teachers

Eleven members at ASPIRA Business and Finance High School (ABF) will receive compensation for class size violations totaling $61,000. That’s thanks to a settlement of two outstanding grievances defending important class size limits won in their 2018 contract.

Building safety through solidarity

Our union fought for months to land enforceable safety guardrails, because we know they work to protect students and staff from COVID-19. Now, members are using those tools to enforce safety in our buildings.