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Volume 81, Issue 8

This issue is available only through PDF download.

In This Issue

  1. Winning justice for every Chicago public school educator2
  2. Charter school operators fail to prioritize students and school staff in budgets2
  3. We lead to win | President’s Message3
  4. Brainstorming and building alliances at the Labor Notes conference in Chicago4
  5. Fighting for proper SPED staffing in our schools4
  6. South Side Pre-K teacher wins coveted Golden Apple award5
  7. Music only fit for a King5
  8. Understanding the CTU’s wages and salary history6
  9. Safety training and teaching for CTU members6
  10. Want to bring a Sustainable Community School to your neighborhood?7
  11. Young Artist Awards artwork8–9
  12. Chicago’s gang database has no place in our schools10
  13. I’m a proud CTU member. Here’s why.11
  14. How a German art project can be a model to commemorate the Chicago Race Riot of 191911
  15. The supports our students need to thrive12
  16. CTU trainings to build a better LSC12
  17. Break the code of silence13
  18. Breast density notification bill passes in Illinois13
  19. Delegates Not Present May 2, 2018 and June 6, 201814
  20. Write to—and for—Chicago Union Teacher14
  21. In memoriam14
  22. CTU and CPS honor new National Board Certified Teachers at Chicago Cultural Center15
  23. Quest Center Professional Learning16