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Volume 81, Issue 7

This issue is only available through PDF download.

In This Issue

  1. The PPLC as our elected school board2
  2. CTU members honored at Coalition of Labor Union Women event2
  3. The promise of teacher rebellion3
  4. School cleanliness and climate4
  5. ‘Just’ a counselor?4
  6. ‘They beat us down’5
  7. In memory of Moey5
  8. Lessons from West Virginia: An open call to action6
  9. State education board: CPS has shortchanged special education7
  10. State bill allowing CTU to bargain over filthy schools and overcrowded classes one step closer to passage7
  11. From Puerto Rico to Argentina to Brazil: Latin American teachers fight back8
  12. Solidarity across borders9
  13. Using unfair labor practice complaints to beat the Board10
  14. The managed care takeover of public education11
  15. Student protests are the first step12
  16. Learning to play with tough texts12
  17. The Chicago Way: closing schools, increasing policing13
  18. Where are the Black and Brown teachers?13
  19. Delegates Not Present April 4, 201814
  20. In Memoriam14
  21. Filthy schools signal a deeper problem for CPS15
  22. The classroom teaches teachers how to teach15
  23. Quest Center Professional Learning16