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Volume 81, Issue 6

This issue is only available through PDF download.

In This Issue

  1. Giving trans students the support they need2
  2. Black Lives Matter at Schools Week recap2
  3. The people,united | President’s Message3
  4. More science in the classroom | Letters4
  5. Grievancegratitude! | Letters4
  6. Solidarity with Puerto Rico | Letters4
  7. Here’s what Trump’s words actually mean to my students5
  8. CTU stands tall against Janus5
  9. SEXUAL HARASSMENT: Learn more, take a stand and help create a safer workplace for all6
  10. Strong schools have strong Local School Councils6
  11. In union, there is strength7
  12. Janus:The latest weapon in assault on unions8
  13. Building union power at Chicago Academy High School9
  14. Janus case attacks a union’s right to represent all workers9
  15. The data game10
  16. CTU contract opens door to less testing11
  17. Chicago is segregated twice over, but it’s fixable12
  18. Students can’t afford to lose net neutrality12
  19. Segregation at Amazon13
  20. Election to fill vacancies on the CTU Executive Board14
  21. In memoriam14
  22. Whitney Young teacher publishes middle grade novel15
  23. Congratulations to the Quest Center’s Advanced Manufacturing instructors!15
  24. Quest Center Professional Learning16