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Volume 81, Issue 5

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In This Issue

  1. Honest questions deserve honest answers1
  2. The district’s inability to address enrollment, special education and more is a cause for grave concern for its future.

  3. We are leaders in the movement | President’s Message2
  4. What #MeToo means in CPS3
  5. My students are my kids3
  6. Growing our own4
  7. We insist on equality for our schools4
  8. How to be a good delegate5
  9. Fulton Elementary School delegate explains how to be a champion for your colleagues and your union.

  10. Let us help you become a REACH liaison for your school5
  11. An injury to one is an injury to all6
  12. Some news and notes related to enforcement of our contract with the Board of Ed

  13. Closing the doors8
  14. School closings result in upheaval and damage that is often irreparable for a school community. Here are testimonials from CTU members who find themselves on the district’s latest chopping block.

  15. Set up for failure9
  16. Plans to impose a charter school co-location on Hirsch Metropolitan High School weren’t made in a vacuum, but represent years of systemic disinvestment in a once-promising school community.

  17. Black Lives Matter at Schools9
  18. Saving SPED10
  19. Despite rhetoric calling for positive change in CPS special education services, there is still a long way to go before righting the wrongs of previous administrations.

  20. Taking time to practice self-care10
  21. Black like us11
  22. Discussion surrounding the decline of African-American teachers in CPS should be expanded to address the issues faced by those who remain in the classroom.

  23. CPS teachers achieve National Board Certification12
  24. Re-card and resist (right-to-work)12
  25. Delegates not present ∕ Wednesday, January 9, 201813
  26. Write for Chicago Union Teacher13
  27. In memoriam13
  28. Peace gods14
  29. Charter operations in question14
  30. Chicago Teachers’ Pension Fund files suit against Prologue, Inc., for failure to report teachers and make pension contributions.

  31. Quest Center Professional Learning15