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Volume 81, Issue 4

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In This Issue

  1. Breaking down barriers2
  2. CTU member and CTPF pension trustee explains how formal merger between the CTU and charter union will make both unions stronger.

  3. Let’s fight together2
  4. Charter union vice president discusses the shared mission of CTU members and union educators at charter schools.

  5. Winds of change | President’s Message3
  6. Motivation behind the merger4
  7. Proposed constitutional changes are designed to give our members the leverage we need to battle the inequality and economic inequity that threatens both our students and union.

  8. CTU-ChiACTS unification F.A.Q. 2.05
  9. CTU members in January will be voting on a package of constitutional changes, including improving representation at small schools, creating a more fair dues structure, joining with union charter educators and strengthening our joint battle against charter expansion.

  10. Chicago Teachers Union Constitution And By‑Laws6
  11. Delegates not present ∕ Wednesday, December 13, 201714
  12. In memoriam14
  13. Quest Center Professional Learning16