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Volume 81, Issue 3

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This issue is only available through PDF download.

In This Issue

  1. Fight corporate attacks on our jobs and our students2
  2. The CTU is calling on all teachers, PSRPs, clinicians and others covered by our contract to reaffirm your membership and support for the union.

  3. Teachers and community force out abusive principal2
  4. CPS officials chronically refused to deal with her bullying and abuse.

  5. Our culture of democracy | President’s Message3
  6. A response to “Behind the Wall” | Opinion4
  7. Two members discuss an article from the May 2017 CUT regarding issues of access to a quality education for Palestinian children in Israel and the Palestinian-controlled territories.

  8. Strike back while the iron is hot5
  9. There is a spotlight on failed CPS initiatives and unscrupulous activities, so we must keep the pressure on.

  10. Know your history6
  11. In The Color of Law: A Forgotten History of How our Government Segregated America, author Richard Rothstein discusses how the U.S. government created and enforced modern day segregation.

  12. A tale of two school systems7
  13. Jonathan Kozol’s Savage Inequalities discusses the differences in quality of education among students of differing classes and races.

  14. City of wind | Poem7
  15. Together we are strong | PSRP Focus8
  16. PSRP wins retroactive step salary grievance | PSRP Focus8
  17. Keeping your PSRP identity | PSRP Focus8
  18. Springfield conference brings together CTU PSRPs | PSRP Focus8
  19. CTU wins commitment to hire more than 100 additional teachers, teacher assistants9
  20. Thanks to our battle to enforce new contract language on K-2 classrooms, CPS has added positions to lower class sizes throughout the district.

  21. Day of the Dead vigil honors schools closed by Emanuel10
  22. Procedure to fill a trustee vacancy on the CTU Executive Board10
  23. CTU, community partners gather to celebrate classroom, legislative leaders in fight for education justice10
  24. Why Merge? | Infographic11
  25. Some facts for CTU members on merging with the union educators of Chicago ACTS Local 4343.

  26. Answering the call for more Black teachers12
  27. The Grow Your Own program has created new possibilities for educators that would never have existed before.

  28. CPS teacher diversity: Behind the numbers12
  29. Do voucher programs initiate an academic slide?13
  30. Repackaging vouchers as scholarship programs doesn’t change the fact that we need to ask some tough questions in Illinois.

  31. Facts about school vouchers13
  32. Delegates Not Present Wednesday, November 1, 201714
  33. In Memoriam14
  34. This is the sufferers’ side of the story at last15
  35. The Burge curriculum in Chicago Public Schools teaches some of the darker truths about those we trust to serve and protect.

  36. Reparations won15
  37. Quest Center Professional Learning16