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Volume 81, Issue 2

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In This Issue

  1. Can you help us get this fixed?2
  2. Kenwood Academy High School community organizes to hold district accountable and improve long-neglected engineering issues.

  3. Uniting for our future | President’s Message3
  4. College and career success starts at your school library | Letters4
  5. It’s time for version 2.0 of the CPS Framework for Teaching | Letters4
  6. AFT day at Prosser Career Academy5
  7. American Federation of Teachers President Randi Weingarten joins President Lewis on a tour of the Northwest Side vocational school.

  8. Election to fi ll vacancies on the CTU Executive Board5
  9. We the CTU: Our changing constitution6
  10. Making the ‘unseen’ visible: Tackling trauma in schools6
  11. CPS has cut the resources that our students and staff need to tackle trauma. It’s time for that to change.

  12. A powerful victoryin the struggle for healthy, clean and well-maintained schools6
  13. Fighting back against evaluation bias7
  14. It is essential that individual schools closely monitor REACH scores at a school-wide level, particularly when there is a change in administration or evaluators.

  15. We are one8
  16. A CTU-charter union merger will prepare us to fi ght for a more equitable future for our students.

  17. CTU-ChiACTS unification F.A.Q.9
  18. Frequently asked questions and concerns about a potential merger between the Chicago Teachers Union and the Chicago Alliance of Charter Teachers and Staff Local 4343

  19. A contract companion10
  20. What you need to know about your contract from a teacher’s perspective.

  21. Notice of upcoming delegate elections11
  22. Celebrating our longest-serving CTU staff12
  23. Our city, our racial disparities12
  24. Taking it to the streets13
  25. The 2017 Coalition of Labor Union Women convention brought together women involved in the labor movement from around the country to strategize about the particular challenges facing women workers throughout society.

  26. Delegates Not Present Wednesday, September 6, 201714
  27. Delegates Not Present Wednesday, October 4, 201714
  28. In Memoriam14
  29. Quest Center Professional Learning15