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Volume 81, Issue 1

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In This Issue

  1. South Side school closings: Where’s the community’s voice?2
  2. CPS students and teachers are not professional athletes, and shouldn’t be traded from school to school while students in wealthier zip codes receive the care and stability all children need.

  3. We’re making a difference | President’s Message3
  4. A powerful victory for our clerks and our union4
  5. We are our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers4
  6. Rahm’s graduation mandateis all stick and no carrot | Letters5
  7. Richardson victories built on solidarity | Letters5
  8. When we fight,we can win6
  9. Activism and perseverancefrom our members give us the best chance for victory.

  10. Your new grading policy7
  11. New guidelines represent relief for teachers in a number of areas, after months of workshops and negotiation.

  12. Using contract victories to build union power7
  13. We are beginning our first full school year since the current CTU/CPS agreement was signed. While signing the contract was a major milestone, it was just a first step.

  14. State of the Union: Fall 20178
  15. Vouchers, Janus and charter unification present future challenges, opportunities.

  16. Re-card, resist and build union power10
  17. Fight corporate attacks on our jobs and students.

  18. The path forward10
  19. The only way to get additional money for our schools is to tax those who have the most—not balance budgets on the backs of parents, students and our members.

  20. CTU summer internship program takes participants to next level of organizing, community building | CTU Summer10
  21. Black educators matter12
  22. CPS should be fighting to train, hire and retain a new generation of Black educators instead of fighting the Chicago Teacher Union’s efforts to ensure a racially diverse workforce.

  23. Working to diversify the education workforce13
  24. A local program called Grow Your Own Illinois is making great strides toward improving diversity in the classroom.

  25. In memoriam14
  26. Manufacturing teachers who teach manufacturing15
  27. CTU representatives help educators learn the power of restorative practices15
  28. Online learning at the Quest Center15
  29. Quest Center Professional Learning16