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Volume 80, Issue 8

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This issue is only available through PDF download.

In This Issue

  1. A family detained2
  2. CTU members experience the hardships their students go through every day.

  3. The heartbeat of our union | President’s Message3
  4. A message of thanks from the Human Rights Committee | Letters4
  5. Thanks to all Displaced Substitute Teachers for another successful year | Letters4
  6. Why I voted ‘no confidence’ in Claypool | Letters4
  7. Pushing back against CPS budget cuts5
  8. Students suffer when principals try and do more with less.

  9. A powerful organizing model to strengthen neighborhood schools5
  10. Southwest Side organizing saves jobs, pushes Board of Ed to put community first.

  11. Sick day audit update6
  12. What’s the best way for a CPS CEO to stay out of jail and avoid being investigated? Divert money and resources away from the office investigating them.

  13. Segregation in CPS, in the crucible of corporate education reform7
  14. A new report by the CTU Education Policy Department examines how the district’s history of discrimination continues to shape the experience of both students and teachers.

  15. Young Artist Awards 2017 Art8-11
  16. Summer learning at the Quest Center12
  17. CTU Summer Events13
  18. Delegates Not Present Wednesday, June 7, 201714
  19. In memoriam14
  20. Providingfor a brother in need15
  21. A teacher at North-Grand High School is grateful his union and colleagues were there for him and his family.

  22. Quest Center Professional Learning16