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Volume 80, Issue 7

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In This Issue

  1. Taking a stand for justice on May Day2
  2. The actions that CTU members and our allies took on May 1 were to defend and protect our students and their families, and are part of the historical movement for workers’ rights.

  3. Think globally, act locally | President’s Message3
  4. Quest Center news and notes4
  5. When reading gets tough…play!4
  6. Chicago Shakespeareaccepting applications for 2017/18 “Bard Core” seminar.

  7. South Shore International teacher receives Fulbright5
  8. Darwin Elementary celebrates “Lighthouse” status at fourth annual Leadership Day5
  9. News from Around the CTU6
  10. A Just Chicago needs you! Become an authorized OSHA trainer; CTUF grantee helps students learn trades; No entry.

  11. Behind the wall7
  12. Childhood and human rights deferred and denied in the Holy Land

  13. Solidaridad con los estudiantes de Puerto Rico!8
  14. Puerto Rican students are striking against $450 million in budget cuts funneled to banks, privatization and capital interests. And despite the distance, solidarity can go a long way.

  15. Meet two leaders of the UPR students8
  16. The problems of home in Honduras9
  17. The specific issues may differ, but teachers and other workers in Honduras are struggling to change many of the same sorts of injustices we’re fighting here—though the consequences of that struggle more frequently take a fatal turn there.

  18. Lessons in solidarity | Tri-national Conference for the Defense of Public Education10
  19. CTU members left the Tri-national with the realization that we are all in the struggle together, regardless of the country we represent.

  20. Stop criminalizing CPS students11
  21. The City of Chicago and CPS are targeting certain neighborhoods with police state tactics.

  22. “Reparations Now” curriculum is a part of vital local history and organizing12
  23. New CPS curriculum presents a powerful and relevant set of materials and personal stories that students will greatly benefit from discovering.

  24. Delegates Not Present Wednesday, May 3, 201714
  25. “Right to work” | Cartoon14
  26. In memoriam14
  27. Quest Center Professional Learning16