Head shot of CTU Recording Secretary Christel Williams-Hayes.It’s that time of year again, the time when we resolve to lose weight, go to the gym, or reach out to family and friends more, among other pledges. The new year always fills me with so much hope and possibility and this year I have a few of my own resolutions I’d like to suggest: 

Commit to review Article 9 of our contract. This article spells out PSRP duties and obligations, work schedule and space, transfers, layoffs and recall and other important protections for school staff. Mid-year evaluations will be upon us soon — make sure you understand your rights under our contract. And reach out to your field rep if you have any questions or concerns. 

Get involved in our union. Join one of your school’s committees, the district-wide PRSP committee or another CTU committee, like the special ed committee, new organizing committee or bilingual education committee. All of our union committees need PSRP voices. Find your CTU Committees and their staff liaison and reach out.

Do some door knocking. The municipal election is Feb. 28. Our brother Brandon Johnson is running for mayor and CTU members Lori Torres Whitt and Mueze Bawany are running for City Council. They need boots on the ground, speaking with voters out in the neighborhoods. Get some colleagues and friends together and sign up to volunteer

As front-line workers in our schools, you know what your building lacks. Every day, you see Lori Lightfoot’s broken promises at work, harming our students, their families and our city. Imagine what our schools and city could be like with a teacher as mayor and with rank-and-file CTU members in the city council. 

Our PSRPs are some of the union’s best ambassadors. In this new year, let’s resolve to get out in our neighborhoods and spread the word about CTU’s vision for the schools and city our students and families deserve — and candidates like Brandon Johnson, Lori Torres Whitt and Mueze Bawany who will turn our hopes into reality. 

See all of the CTU’s endorsed candidates at www.ctulocal1.org/vote. Together, we CAN win a city for the many.

Chistel Williams-Hayes is CTU Recording Secretary and a PSRP for life.