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Photo of a car window with three signs--one green, one yellow and one pink that read: safety & equity.

CTU ads focus on school needs during the pandemic

“All over the country, COVID-19 has changed the way we live, the way we work, and the way we learn. The pandemic has forced a reckoning for educators and families across Chicago and through tragedy and triumph made us fight for our lives as well as our school communities,” a narrator reads. “It’s clear that safety must be paramount in everything we do, from an arbitrator’s ruling that school buildings remain unsafe, to two of the city’s largest charter networks announcing remote learning plans. Mayor Lori Lightfoot and her handpicked Board of Education must work with students, parents and educators to ensure safety for everyone in every building.”

The minute and a half spot poses the question all teachers and parents want answered.

“Is there a number of educator or student deaths that we are willing to accept in order to have in-person school? How much heartbreak do we have to endure before they do the right thing?”

And, it concludes, “We all want students back in their classrooms, but with COVID still on the rise, now is the time to listen to those who are risking the most. And invest in making our buildings safe.”

“CPS and the mayor refuse to engage with the educators who know best how to make remote learning work and how to ensure safety in our school buildings once we return,” CTU President Jesse Sharkey said. “At the same time, the mayor and her management team are simply ignoring a growing body of scientific evidence that raises real alarms about returning students and their educators to unsafe buildings. These ads help us educate the public on the urgency of the situation and the need for a clear safety plan before any more of our members, our children or anyone returns to CPS buildings.”

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