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As the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards (NBPTS) went from a one-year process to a two year process, 14 Chicago Teachers Union members have earned the teaching profession’s highest mark of achievement, as a National Board Certification Teacher (NBCT), and 115 NBCTs have renewed their National Board Certification (NBC) credential.

These teachers, librarians and school counselors join a growing community of NBCTs, now more than 122,000 strong across all 50 states. Chicago has produced more than 2,260 of them. Each of these accomplished educators earned the profession’s highest mark of achievement through a rigorous, performance-based, peer-review process, demonstrating their proven impact on student learning and achievement.

This is a great personal accomplishment, but it’s more than that. The achievement of NBCT deserves to be celebrated because of the positive impact these accomplished teachers have on millions of students nationwide and on the teaching profession at large. The certification process impacts teaching and learning well beyond an individual teacher’s classroom.

Teaching to the highest standards, NBCTs impact students every day: leading from their classrooms, mentoring colleagues, facilitating and directing school, district, and union initiatives, and working in higher education and professional associations to advocate for strong policy and practice.

“National Board Certification is about helping teachers become great,” said NBPTS President Peggy Brookins, NBCT. “It is about elevating the teaching profession and it’s about helping children achieve at higher rates.” A decade of research shows the impact of Board Certified teachers is even greater for low-income and minority students.

For teachers, school counselors, and librarians who want more information on how to become National Board Certified, earn the annual Chicago Public Schools stipend and advance on the salary scale (at no cost), please contact Lynn Cherkasky-Davis at 312-329-6274 or email LynnCherkasky-Davis@ctuf.org.

The following National Board Certified Teachers have dedicated two years to the CTU’s rigorous Nurturing Teacher Leadership professional development and candidate support program. During this time, they analyzed, reflected on and refined their teaching practice and content knowledge, while demonstrating their mastery of the standards from the National Board standards that encompass their certificate.

Lisa Anderson – Exceptional Needs Specialist
Menyett Baker – School Counseling
Heather Dunfee – Exceptional Needs Specialist
Anna Garcia Deters— Exceptional Needs Specialist
Neil Farlow – Exceptional Needs Specialist
Jessica General – Exceptional Needs Specialist
Justin Huang – Adolescent and Young Adulthood Mathematics
Jennifer Jones – Early Childhood Generalist
Heather Morrison – Exceptional Needs Specialist
Rachael Nicholas – Adolescent and Young Adulthood Social Studies/History
Elisabeth O’Keefe – Adolescent and Young Adulthood Mathematics
Lorraine Platek –  Early Adolescent Mathematics
Jonathan Reiman – Early Adolescent through Young Adulthood Art
Caitlin Stich – Early Adolescent through Young Adulthood Art

Lynn Cherkasky-Davis is the Chicago Teachers Union Foundation Director of Teacher Leadership / National Board Certification.

This article appears in the January 2019 issue of the Chicago Union Teacher.